Vocabulary 4-6

  1. compliance
    doing as another wishes

    They must secure each other's compliance
  2. accommodating
    willing to help; obliging

    The cabins accommodate up to 6 people.
  3. rebuke
    to criticize or reprimand sharply

    She had rebuked him for drinking too much.
  4. aspersion
    a damaging or false statement

    I don't think anyone is casting aspersions on you.
  5. inexplicable
    incapable of explained

    For some inexplicable reason her mind went completely blank.
  6. complicity
    involvement as an accomplice in a crime

    They were accused with complicity in the attempt to overthrow the government.
  7. propitiate
    to prevent or reduce the anger of

    The pagans though it was important to propitiate the gods with sacrifices.
  8. accord
    agreement, harmony

    The young man had accorded her little notice.
  9. scurrilous
    using or expressed in vulgar language

    A scurrilous attack on integrity.
  10. deprecate
    to express disapproval of

    He deprecates the value of the children's television.
  11. plight
    a condition or situation of difficulty or adversity

    We must direct our efforts towards relieving the plight of children living in poverty.
  12. deploy
    to station systematically over an area

    Forces were deployed at strategic locations.
  13. tractable
    easily managed or controlled

    The tractable dogs have had some obedience training.
  14. acquiesce
    to consent or comply passively

    Elizabeth acquiesced in his decision.
  15. spurn
    to reject or refuse disdainfully

    He spoke gruffly, as if afraid his invitation would be spurned.
  16. deride
    to laugh at in scorn

    Critics derided the proposals as clumsy attempts to find a solution.
  17. replica
    a copy or reproduction of a work of art

    A replica of the Mona Lisa is on sale at Target.
  18. explicate
    to explain; make meaning clear

    Attempting to explicate the relationship between crime and economic forces.
  19. volition
    an act of willing, choosing, or deciding

    Without conscious volition she backed into her office.
  20. adamant
    firm and unyielding in purpose or opinion

    He is adamant that he isn't going to resign.
  21. vitriolic
    bitterly severe; harsh; sharp

    Her mother's sudden gash of fury and vitriol.
  22. execrable
    extremely inferior; very bad

    Execrable cheap wine.
  23. replicate
    to duplicate, copy, or repeat

    It might be impractical to replicate eastern culture in the west.
  24. implicate
    to involve or connect incriminatingly

    The team believes he is heavily implicated in the bombings.
  25. willfulness
    unreasonable stubbornness

    Willful acts of damage.
  26. camaraderie
    a spirit of loyalty among friends

    There was a genuine camaraderie on the hockey team.
  27. vituperation
    sustained and bitter attack

    No one else attracted such vituperation from him.
  28. supple
    readily bent; pliant

    My mind is becoming more supple.
  29. ostracize
    to banish or exclude from a group

    A group of people have been ridiculed, ostracized, and persecuted for centuries.
  30. implicit
    implied although not expressed

    The comments are viewed as implicit criticism of the company's policies.
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