1. What are the duties of the Line Boss?
    • 1: in charge of the line
    • 2: is, first, responsible for the line
    • 3: is, second, responsible for keeping the line on schedule
    • 4: will do no instructing
    • 5: appoint instructors to be RSOs/LSOs
  2. What are the duties of an Instructor?
    • 1: engages participants
    • 2: corrects erros
    • 3: offers tips/techniques
    • 4: be vigilant for any safety errors
    • 5: may perform the duties of RSO or LSO
  3. What does RSO stand for? What does LSO stand for?
    • RSO: Range Safety Officer
    • LSO: Line Safety Officer
  4. What are the duties of an RSO/LSO?
    • 1: to clear the line after "Cease "Fire"
    • 2: is focused only on line safety
  5. When do the duties of an RSO/LSO start/end?
    • They start when the "Unload and Clear" line comand is given.
    • They end when the "The Line Is Clear" line command is given.
  6. What is an LSO?
    • As a Line Safety Officer, LSOs may be designated when the line is too long.
    • An LSO operates on the line between the Line Boss and an RSO
    • The LSO reports a clear line to an RSO, who in turn reports to the line boss.
  7. Does an RSO or LSO have any other responsibilities besides line safety?
    Yes, when not performing RSO/LSO duties, they are instructors.
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