Biology 212

  1. Chloroplast
    • Specialized plastid.
    • -A cell like organelle present in algae and plants that contains chlorophyll and carries out photosynthesis
  2. Stroma
    Semi-liquid substance that surrounds the thylakoid membrane
  3. Granum
    • A stacked membranous structure within a chloroplast that contains the chlorophyll.
    • -Is site of The Light Reaction in photosynthesis
  4. Stroma Lamella
    Connections between Grana
  5. Thylakoid
    In chloroplasts, a complex, organized, internal membrane composed of flattened disks which contain the photosystems involved in the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis
  6. Reaction Center
    Consists of 1 or more Chlorophyll a molecules in the matrix of protein, that passes electrons out of the photosystem
  7. Light Reaction
    Light energy to make NADPH and ATP.
  8. Atmospheric Composistion
    • 78% Nitrogen
    • 21% Oxygen
    • 1% Others
  9. Chlorophyll function and structure
    • Function = Captures photons of light
    • Structure = Hydrophobic Tail + Ring of excitation
  10. Chlorophyll a
    • -Main photosynthetic pigment in plants and cyanobacteria.
    • -The only pigment that can act directly to convert light energy into chemical energy
    • -Absorbs the 1st pigment (shortest wavelength) in the visible light spectrum
  11. Chlorophyll b and Carotenoids
    • -Acts as an accessory pigment (secondary light absorbing pigment)
    • -Complements and adds to the light absorption of chlorophyll a
    • - Increases range of wavelengths
    • -Cannont directly convert light energy into chemical energy
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