Beyond Hit Parade-Secondary Meanings Group 1

  1. Alloy (v)
    To commingle; to debase by mixing with something inferior; unalloyed means pure
  2. Appropriate (v)
    To take for one's own use, confiscate
  3. Arrest, Arresting (v/adj)
    To suspend; to engage; holding one's attention: as in arrested adolescence, an arresting portait
  4. August (adj)
    Majestic, venerable
  5. Bent (n)
    Leaning, inclination, proclivity, tendency: He had a naturally artistic bent.
  6. Broach (v)
    To bring up, announce, begin to talk about
  7. Brook (v)
    To tolerate, endure, countenence
  8. Cardinal (adj)
    Major, as in cardinal sin
  9. Chauvinist (n)
    A blindly devoted patriot
  10. Color (v)
    To change as if by dyeing, i.e., to distort, gloss or affect (usually the first): Yellow journalism colored the truth.
  11. Consequential (adj)
    Pompous, self-important (Primary definitions are: logically following; important)
  12. Damp (v)
    To diminish the intensity or check the vibration of sound
  13. Die (n)
    A tool used for shaping
  14. Essay (v)
    To test or try; attempt, experiment: The newly born fawn essayed a few wobbly steps.
  15. Exact (v)
    To demand, call for, require, take: Even a victorious war exacts a heavy price.
  16. Fell (adj)
    Inhumanely cruel: Fell beasts surrounded the explorer
  17. Fell (v)
    To cause to fall by striking: The lumberjacks arrived and fell many trees.
  18. Flag (v)
    To sag or droop, to become spiritless, to decline: Think of a flag on a windless day, as in her flagging spirts.
  19. Flip (adj)
    Sarcastic, imoertinent, as in flippant: a flip remark
  20. Ford (v)
    To wade across a shallow part of a river or stream
  21. Grouse (v)
    To complain or grumble
  22. Guy (n/v)
    A rope, cord, or cable attatched to something as a brace or guide; to steady or reinforce using a guy: Think guide.
  23. Intimate (v)
    To imply, suggest, or insinuate: Are you intimating that I cannot be trusted?
  24. List (v)
    To tilt or lean to one side
  25. Lumber (v)
    To move heavly and clumsily
  26. Meet (adj)
    Fitting, proper: It is altogether meet that Jackie Robinson is in the hall of fame.
  27. Milk (v)
    To exploit, to squeeze every last ounce of
  28. Mince (v)
    Pronounce or speak affectedly, euphemize, speak too carefully. Also to take tiny steps, tiptoe
  29. Nice (adj)
    exacting, fastidious, extremely precise: He made a nice distinction between the two cases.
  30. Obtain (adj)
    To be established , accepted, or customary: Those standards no longer obtain.
  31. Occult (adj)
    Hidden, concealed, beyond comprehension
  32. Pedestrian (adj)
    Commonplace, trite, unremarkable, quotidian
  33. Pied (adj)
    Multicolored , usually in blotches: The Pied Piper of Hamlin was so called because of his multicolored coat.
  34. Pine (v)
    To lose vigor (as through grief); to yearn
  35. Plastic (adj)
  36. Pluck (n)
    Courage, spunk, fortitude: plucky fighters
  37. Prize (v)
    To pry, to press or force with a lever; something taken by force, spoils
  38. Rail (v)
    To complain about bitterly
  39. Rent (v/n)
    Torn, past of rend: He rent his garments; an opening or tear caused by such; a large rent in the fabric
  40. Quail (v)
    To lose courage; turn frightened
  41. Qualify (v)
    To limit: Let me qualify that statement.
  42. Sap (v)
    To enervate or weaken the vitality of
  43. Scurvy (adj)
    Contemptable, despicable: He was a scurvy old reprobate.
  44. Singular (adj)
    exceptional, unusual, odd: He was singularly well-suited for the job.
  45. Stand (n)
    A group of trees
  46. Steep (v)
    To saturate or completely soak, sa in let a tea bag steep: She was steeped in esoteric knowledge.
  47. Strut (n)
    The supporting structural cross part-part of a wing
  48. Table (v)
    To remove (as a parliamentary mtion) from consideration: They tabled the motion and will consider it again later.
  49. Tender (v)
    To proffer or offer: He tendered his resignation.
  50. Waffle (v)
    To equivocate; to change one's position: His detractors say that the president waffles too much;he can never make up his mind.
  51. Wag (n)
    Wit, joker: Groucho marx was a well-known wag.
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