Pharm Ch1 Review

  1. Reconstitution
    mixing liquid and powder to form suspension or solution
  2. Levigation
    • suspended solid in a liquid
    • mix particles with base vehicle, in which they are insoluble, to produce a smooth dispersion of the drug by rubbing wit ha spatula on a tile
  3. Absorption bases
    greasy, occlusive, difficult to spread, nonwashable, anhydrous
  4. PRN order
    can be filled whenever needed by the patient
  5. Automatic stop order
    only active for limited period of time, then new med order is required to continue
  6. Drug topics RED book
    drug costs
  7. Drug topics ORANGE book
    therapeutic equivalence
  8. National Formulary
    standards for pharm ingredients
  9. USP
    national standards for drug substances and dosage forms
  10. Degrees of Coldness
    • Cold > 8 C (46F)
    • 8C < Cool < 15C (46 - 59F)
    • 15C < Room temp < 30C (59 - 86F)
    • 40C (104F) < Excessively hot
  11. Ointment bases
    • Aquaphor, Anhydrous - absorbent base
    • hydrophilic ointment - oil/water base (hydrous)
    • Eucerin - water/oil base (hydrous)
    • PEG - water-miscible base (hydrous)
  12. Therapeutic Codes
    • A - therapeutically equivalent to other pharmaceutically equivalent products
    • B - FDA does not consider drug at this time to be therapeutically equivalent to other drugs
    • AB - meets bioequivalence requirements
    • AA - does not present bioequivalence problems in conventional forms
  13. Potentiation
    one drug prolongs effect of another drug
  14. Synergism
    combined effect of 2 drugs is greater than the sum of both drugs effects
  15. Syringes: low-dose, oral, tuberculin, U-100
    • low-dose and U-100: inject insulin.
    • Tuberculin: inject various parenteral substances into body
    • Oral: for oral suspension like Amoxicillin Pediatric Drops
  16. CADD Prizm PCS Pump
    patient controlled analgesia (PCA) device
  17. CADD-Plus Pump
    used to infuse antibiotics
  18. CADD-TPN
    used to infuse total parenteral nutrition
  19. Elastometric balloon system
    infusion device where meds is inside pressurized balloon reservoir and infused by deflating balloon
  20. Single-dose container
    single-unit container for parenteral only
  21. White petrolatum is what kind of ointment base
  22. Pyxis Medstation
    automated dispensing device kept on nursing unit
  23. What is not required on medication order label?
    • Medication number
    • Required: expiration date, lot number, name and lcoation of patient
  24. What is not found on patient package insert?
    • Expiration date and lot number
    • Required: description of meds, indications for meds, revisions of labeling
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