Parks Can't Spell - Random Notes 3

  1. Defeated at Poltava
    Ivan Mazeppa
  2. Measured by the Wechsler Scale
  3. Where did Nast live late in his life?
  4. Zoroastrian creator god
    Ahura Mazda
  5. Hindu holiday with color things
  6. Special transposon in fruit flies
    P element
  7. Members of the Rye House Plot
    • Algernon Sidney
    • William Russell
    • Earl of Essex
  8. How was the Rye House Plot foiled?
    Fire that canceled the Horse Races
  9. Captured to begin the Jacquerie (man)
    John the Good
  10. Famous Seventh Day Adventist
    John Kellogg
  11. 2 random North Sea islands
    • Texel
    • Helgoland
  12. Indian chief attacked in the Bad Axe Massacre
    Black Hawk
  13. Politician that opposed Black Hawk
    John Reynolds
  14. Leticia is in...
  15. Supreme court decision that cited the Aeneid
    Gibbons v. Ogden
  16. After the British retook Dublin, this man was executed
    Patrick Pearse
  17. Paired with Fabius Maximus in Parallel Lives
  18. Vietnamese force that fought the French at Dien Bien Phu
    Viet Ming
  19. TRT party is prominent in this country...
  20. Wrote In Search of Identity
    Anwar Sadat
  21. Anwar Sadat policy
    "Corrective Revolution"
  22. Called the Senqu
    Orange River
  23. Two random Orange River tributaries
    • Fish
    • Vaal
  24. Random Macedon ruler (NOT Philip II or Alex)
    Antigonus II
  25. Isabela II's ascension sparked the first of these wars
    Carlist War
  26. Occupies northern half of the Curonian Spit
  27. Largest trading hub of Lithuania
  28. Has snapback regions
  29. Calls society a "conspiracy of the manhood"(book)
    Self Reliance
  30. How did the Inca get rain?
    Tied up a black dog to starve
  31. Wrote the decision of NY Times v. Sullivan
    William Brennan (Chief Justice)
  32. Castle captured by the Assassins
    Masyaf Castle
  33. New Deal plan that created new judicial seats
    Court Packing plan
  34. First white house press secretary
    Stephen Early
  35. "Hellish" tributary of the Arkansas River
    Purgatoire River
  36. World and Object
    William Quine
  37. Zoroastrian bridge
    Chinvat bridge
  38. Schist and Phyllite are made from this rock
  39. Company created by Huey Long
    Win or Lose Oil Company
  40. Term for internal enlightenment in Zen Buddhism
  41. "Of Cannibals"
  42. Edited The New Republic
    Henry Wallace
  43. Conflict that preceded Bleeding Kansas
    Wakarusa War
  44. Law that says "Supply creates its own demand"
    Says Law
  45. Two Sevastapol-related Crimean War battles
    • Battle of Alma
    • Battle of Inkerman
  46. Also wrote a pamphlet The Crisis (NOT T-PAINE)
    Thomas Malthus
  47. Sacco and Venzetti-related committee
    Lowell Committee
  48. Has sefer texts
  49. Valetta Swan was the wife of
    Bronislaw Malinowski
  50. Created the National Labor Relations Board (Legislation)
    Wagner Act
  51. 1947 Act that qualified the Wagner Act
    Taft-Hartley Act
  52. Founded The Hotel Messenger
    A. Philip Randolph
  53. Drafted the Petition of Right
    Sir Edward Coke
  54. Wife of James I
    Anne of Denmark
  55. Petition of Right was declared during this king's reign
    Charles I
  56. Dynasty that included the politician Han Fei Zi
    Qin Dynasty
  57. Qin dynasty political philosophy
  58. Capital of the Qin
  59. Defeated Simon Kenton
  60. Czech president who resigned after the Munich Pact
    Edward Benes
  61. Notably nice king of Sicily
    William the Good
  62. Called "whirling dervishes"
  63. Sufi custom of repeating the name of God
  64. Cave in Gibraltar
    St. Michael's Cave
  65. George Kennan's famous "correspondence"
    Long Telegram
  66. Rival of Henry III
    Simon de Montfort
  67. Rival of Bernardo O'Higgins
    Jose Miguel Carrera
  68. O'Higgins was the governor and militia general of this city
  69. Helped out James G. Blaine's campaign
    Samuel Burchard
  70. Adopted the policy of ostpolitik
    Willy Brandt
  71. Part of the cochlea that contains hair stuff
    Organ of Corti
  72. Followed the Edict of Nantes
    Treaty of Vervins
  73. Crypts of Fuchs are in...
  74. City (formerly) on the Aral Sea
  75. Strengthened the Morril Act
    Hatch Act
  76. Battle won by Alfred the Great
    Battle of Edington
  77. FIRST president of Indonesia
  78. Sukarno's type of democracy
    "Guided democracy"
  79. Publications that tried to defend Jay's Treaty
    Camillus Papers
  80. President of Nicaragua from the US (Only lasted 10 months)
    William Walker
  81. American that deposed Queen Liliuokalani
    Sanford Dole
  82. Society-wide generalization of the prisoner's dilemma
    Free Rider Problem
  83. Example of this is not wearing a seatbelt after getting health insurance
    Moral Hazard
  84. Terrorist attack during Menachem Begin's term
    King David Hotel Bombing
  85. Party founded by Menachem Begin
  86. Made Yadin his deputy prime minister
    Menachem Begin
  87. Based his philosophy on the "law of multiplication of effects"
    Herbert Spencer
  88. Father of Cu Chulainn
  89. British commander killed at Kings Mountain
    Patrick Ferguson
  90. Ancient site in Laos
    Plain of Jars
  91. Defined by Roth v. US and Miller v. California
  92. Massachusetts congressman in the Credit-Mobilier
    Oakes Ames
  93. VP implicated in the Credit Mobilier
    Schuyler Colfax
  94. Peaks in Oregon
    Three Sisters Peaks
  95. Capital of Aragon
  96. Issued by the Peasant's Revolt
    Twelve Articles
  97. Revolution during Maria Theresa's reign
    Diplomatic Revolution
  98. Supplanted by the Sherman Silver Purchase Act
    Bland-Allison Act
  99. Required the US to buy 2-4 million dollars of bullion
    Bland-Allison Act
  100. Predicts a 2.5% drop in GDP for every 1% rise in unemployment rate (GDP and unemployment are inversely proportional)
    Okun's Law
  101. Important Brittany Bay
    Quiberon Bay
  102. Ship seized to start the Second Opium War
  103. Captured by the San Jacinto
  104. Ship where a bunch of Tyler's cabinet were killed
    USS Princeton
  105. Gannett Peak in Wyoming is in this mountain range
    Wind River Range
  106. Set up the Kemmu Restoration
  107. Mistress of Charles Parnell
    Kitty O'Shea
  108. Protected by the Poona Pact
  109. Administered the Lend-Lease Act
    Harry Hopkins
  110. Lost 1888 election to Benjamin Harrison
    Grover Cleveland
  111. Supplanted the Republic of Ezo
  112. Alliance that began the Meiji Restoration
  113. War that broke out during the Meiji Restoration
    War of the Year of the Dragon
  114. Treaty that reaffirmed the borders set at Versailles
  115. First Jewish senator was from...
  116. Capital of Sardinia
  117. Highest point of Sardinia
    Mount La Marmora
  118. Pestalozzi education system was used here
    New Harmony
  119. Northeastern Florida river
    Saint John's River
  120. Third largest lake in Florida AND a lake right next to Lake Champlain
    Lake George
  121. Treasury Secretary under James Monroe
    William H. Crawford
  122. Signed a treaty with Charles Bagot
    Richard Rush
  123. Wrote The Rainbow
    William Wirt
  124. William Wirt ran in 1832 for this party
    Anti-Masonic Party
  125. 1807 Naval affair
    Chesapeake-Leopard Affair
  126. Privileges and Immunities are in this case
    Slaughterhouse cases
  127. Case about issuing greenbacks
    Legal Tender cases
  128. Mary, Queen of Scots Battle
    Battle of Langside
  129. A forged document between the Soviets and Labour Party
    Zinoviev Letter
  130. Two dudes associated with Black Friday
    • Abel Corbin
    • Daniel Butterfield
  131. Forms some of the border between Poland and Belarus
    Bug River
  132. Won the Battle of Valladolid
  133. Gulf at the bottom of Belize
    Gulf of Amatique
  134. Rebel party of the Philippines
  135. Philippines constitution and its author
    • Malolos Constitution
    • Andres Bonifacio
  136. Amendment proposed about US and Cuban affairs
    Platt Amendment
  137. Amendment that said that the US had no intention of annexing cuba
    Teller Amendment
  138. Protested by the Circular Letters
    Townshend Acts
  139. His rule was cut short by the July Revolution
    Charles X
  140. Cases related to Baker v. Carr
    • Reynolds v. Sims
    • Colegrove v. Green
  141. Northeast of Montserrat
    Antigua and Barbuda
  142. Offshoot of the Levellers
  143. Rosa Luxembourg led the...
  144. First president of the German republic
    Friedrich Ebert
  145. Ilisu Dam is on this river
    Tigris River
  146. Tarragona and Barcelona are in
  147. Region of Spain that contains Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz, and Granada
  148. Third-largest Spanish city
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