Sensory Testing

  1. Cranial Nerve I
    Olfactory (Smell)
    • Test: familiar aromatic odors are used for this test (cinnamon, vanilla, coffee...), and the pt. closes eyes and closes off one nostril to smell test odor. Test is repeated for other nostril
    • Loss of ofaction is usually unilateral and results from trauma, neoplasms, and infection.
  2. Cranial Nerve II
    Optic nerve (Vision)
    • Test: an eye chart is the official means of testing vision. The patient is asked to read the smallest line they can, but if an eye chart is not available such items as a newspaper or magazine will provide good insight to visual deficits.
    • Test: visual field test checks peripheral vision and is performed by have the patient look straight ahead (look at my nose) while the tester brings fingers slowly from side. The point that the patient sees the fingers is the peripheral vision point.
  3. Cranial Nerve II-III
    Pupillary light reflex and accommodation reaction
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Sensory Testing
Sensory Testing