Anatomy Exam2, Hindlimb I

  1. Major extensor of the hip:
    Middle gluteal
  2. Which gluteal m is the largest and strongest
    Middle Gluteal
  3. Hamstring mm possess _____
    Vertebral heads
  4. Muscles responsible for rounding/filling of croup/rump
    Hamstring mm
  5. Cranio-lateral m group, of the crus, is responsible for:
    • Extensors of the digits
    • Flexors of the hock joint
  6. Caudo-medial m group, of the crus, is responsible for:
    • Flexors of the digits
    • Extensors of the hock
  7. Damage to the tibial n ->
    • No flexing of digits
    • No extending of the hock
  8. Muscles of the common calcaneal tendon:
    • Biceps femoris m
    • Gastrocnemius m
    • Gracilis m
    • SDF m
    • SDF m
    • Semitendinosus
    • Soleus m (+/-)
  9. Capped Hock is the result of...
    Damage to one of calcaneal bursea
  10. Calcaneal Bursae are located where?
    • Calcaneus and Gastrocnemius
    • Gastrocnemius and SDF
    • SDF and skin
  11. The ____ A. joins the _____A. at the caudal hock
    • Cranial Tibial
    • Saphenous
  12. Cranial Tibial becomes the
    Dorsal Metatarsal A III
  13. The deep plantar arch is formed by anastomotic branches from:
    • The perforating tarsal A
    • Medial Plantar A
    • Lateral Plantar A
  14. Saphenous divides ->
    Medial and Lateral Plantar
  15. The medial and lateral plantar metatarsal A come from the
    Deep Plantar Arch
  16. The Dorsal Metatarsal A III divides into:
    Medial and Lateral Plantar Proper Digital A
  17. Deep veins are...
    Satellites to AAs
  18. Most important superficial V
    • Dorsal Metatarsal V II
    • Medial and Lateral Saphenous
    • Femoral
  19. Vascularization of the hoof
    Venous Plexus
  20. Popliteal drains the
    Distal Limb
  21. Main Nerves of the hindlimb:
    • Femoral
    • Obturator
    • Sciatic
  22. Sciatic n divides into:
    • Tibial
    • Common Peroneal
  23. What innervates the dorsolateral part of the limb?
    Superficial peroneal
  24. The superficial peroneal n extends to the fetlock
  25. Deep Peroneal n branches into
    Medial and Lateral Dorsal Metatarsal nn
  26. Nerve that can be palpated and used to block caudal group of muscles
    Tibial n
  27. The tibial n divides into:
    Medial and Lateral Plantar nn
  28. The deep structures on the plantar aspect of the limb, are innervated by
    • Deep Branch of the Lateral Plantar n
    • (Medial/Lateral Plantar Metatarsal nn)
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