NLP Outcome frame

  1. Want?
    • What specifically do you want?
    • - stated positive
    • - in control or person
    • - appropriate chunk size
    • - ecological
  2. How?
    • How will you know when you have achieved it?
    • (what will you see/hear/feel?)
  3. Context
    • When do you want this?
    • Where do you want it?
    • With whom do you want it?
  4. Do for you?
    What will having that do for you?
  5. Improve your life
    When you achieve what you want, what else in your life will improve?
  6. Resources
    What resources do you need to get your outcome?
  7. Current resources
    What resources do you already have to help you with this?
  8. Other ways
    What other ways are there to get your outcome?
  9. Ecology
    When you achieve this, will anything be at risk?
  10. Don't achieve?
    What will happen if you don't achieve this?
  11. Stopping you
    What has stopped you from already having what you want?
  12. First step
    What is the first step to begin to achieve this now?
  13. Future pace
    Imagine stepping into the future and having your outcome fully. Look back at yourself and determine what steps were required to achieve the outcome now that you have it.
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NLP Outcome frame
NLP Outcome frame