Vocab 6 latin

  1. nauta
    -ae, m, sailor
  2. pecunia
    -ae, f. money
  3. unda
    -ae, f. wave]
  4. totus
    a,um, whole
  5. navigo
    -re,-vi,-tus; sail
  6. cras
  7. tum
  8. ad
    (+acc) to, toward, near
  9. cum
    (+abl) with
  10. in
    (+acc) into
  11. sine
    (+abl) without
  12. trans
    (+acc) across
  13. austronaut
    sailor of the sky
  14. nautical
    of or pertaining to navigation
  15. nautilus
    mollusk in South Pacific with spiral chamber shwll
  16. impecunious
    habitually having little money
  17. pecuniary
  18. to surround
    to enclose on all sides
  19. to unaudate
    to move in waves
  20. to inundate
    to flood
  21. redundant
    exeecding what is neccessary
  22. totality
    the state of being whole
  23. navigation
    science of getting ships from one place to another
  24. navy
    a group of ships
  25. naval
    of or pertaining to a navy
  26. to navigate
    to move from one place to another
  27. to procratinate
    to put off intentionally; to delay
  28. to adapt
    to adjust
  29. to adduce
    to offer as an example on a disscusion analysis
  30. to incise
    to cut into
  31. to transact
    to do business
  32. to transfer
    to move from one to another
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