1. In the horse, all the gluteal muscles, except the caudal head of the superficial gluteal muscle are innervated by the
    Cranial Gluteal N
  2. The hindlimb bears ____% of the body weight in the horse
  3. The main function of the middle gluteal m is
    Extension of the hip joint
  4. Damage to the femoral nerve of the horse could cause
    Inability to flex the stifle joint and extend the stifle
  5. In the hindlimb of the horse, wegith bearing with least muscular effort is achieved by
    Tendinous nature of many muscles
  6. One of the following muscles is not part of the common calcaneal tendon
    Semimembranous muscle
  7. The Trochanteric bursa is related to the
    Cranial Part of the greater trochanter of the femur
  8. The branch of the femeral artery which in involved in blood supply to the distal limb (pes) is
    Cranial Femoral artery
  9. Choose the most correct sequence of the arteries of the hindlimb
    Femoral a – popliteal a – cranial tibial a – dorsal metatarsal a III
  10. The medial and lateral plantar arteries are branches of the
    Saphenous a
  11. The arteries descending from the deep pantar arch are located in the metatarsal groove, these are
    Lateral and medial plantar metatarsal a
  12. The lateral and medial plantar digital arteries (plantar proper digital arteries) are
    Branches of the dorsal metatarsal artery III
  13. The main venous drainage from the pes of the horse is
    Great metatarsal vein II
  14. The sciatic/ishchiatic nerve is derived from the lumbosacral plexus, it gives off
    The common peroneal and tibial nerves
  15. The lateral and medial nerves are located on the dorsal aspect of the metatarsal bone, they are branches of
    Deep Peroneal nerve
  16. The tibial nerve can be bloked just above the hock joint, where it can be palpated and accessed; it splits into two major branches:
    Lateral and Medial Plantar nerves
  17. The Deep structures of the plantar aspect of the metatarsal region are innervated by
    Deep branch of the lateral plantar nerve
  18. The structure in the hip joint that limits the abduction of the hindlimb and sidekicking is
    Accessory ligament of the head of femur
  19. Choose the most correct statement regarding the stifle joint of the horse:
    The medial femoro-tibial joint cavity communicates with the femoro-patellar joint cavity in all horses
  20. The femoro-patellar joint is formed between
    The patella and the trochlea of the femur
  21. In the patellar lock, the patella is hooked over one of the ridges of the trochlea of the femur, ________ for the loop which hooks up the patella.
    Medial and Intermediate Patellar Ligament
  22. The main function of the patellar lock mechanism is
    Keep the stifle joint in extended condition
  23. One of the following muscle tendons does not have a tendon sheath at the hock joint
    Superficial Digital Flexor M
  24. The ligament the stabilizes the calcaneous, against the forces exerted by the common calcaneous tendon, is
    Accessory Ligament
  25. Function of Cranial Cruciate Ligament
    Prevents hyperextension of the stifle joint
  26. Function of the Cranial and Caudal Cruciate Lig
    Prevents hyperflexion of the stifle joint
  27. Which collateral Lig attaches to the Meniscus?
    Medial Collateral Lig
  28. In the domestic animals, one of the following muscles extends the cubital/elbow joint, as well as flexes the shoulder joint
    Long head of the Triceps Brachii
  29. The muscle which is an addition to the pectoral muscle group and extremely well developed in the horse is the
    Subclavius m
  30. The mm on the cranio-lateral aspect os the ante-brachium, which extend the digit and carpus are innervated by the
    Radial Nerve
  31. In the horse, the median artery divides into ______ at the level of, or just above, the carpus.
    Lateral and Medial Palmar A
  32. In the horse, the so-called palmer arch gives rise to the blood vessels which are situated deep to the interosseus muscle, i.e. metacarpal arteries. This deep palmar arch is formed by branches form the radial artery and
    Lateral Palmar artery
  33. The anastomosis of the lateral and medial palmar proper digital arteries located inside the digital phalanx (coffin bone) is called
    Terminal Arch
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