Microbiology Lab exam 1

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  1. Examples of Gram (-) seen in lab
    E. coli
  2. Example of Gram (+) seen in lab
    • Bacillus Cereus. gram (+)
    • Streptococcus pyogens (+)
  3. What is the stain technique used to differentiate acid-fast cells?
    Ziehl- Nelsen
  4. Primary Stain in Zhiel-Nelsen stain
    Carbolfuchsin, a phenolic compound.
  5. Counterstain in Ziehl-Nelsen stain
    Methylene Blue
  6. what type of bacteria is ID'd with Acid-fast stains?

    What illnesses does this bacteria cause?

    Illnesses: Leprosy and Tb
  7. Selective agent in MSA
  8. What type of Media is MSA?
    Selective and differential
  9. What does MSA select for?
  10. What does MSA differentiate for?
    pathogenic, vs. non-pathogenic Staphylococcus
  11. Phenol red colors
    • acidic = yellow
    • Basic = Pink
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Microbiology Lab exam 1
Microbiology for Health professions Lab @ UCF. Organisms seen in the different labs, and the techniques used for each. Reagens used in the different staining techniques
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