Crimes Chapter 3

  1. What is the voluntary act element of a crime called?
    Actus Reus
  2. Criminal law generally punished an individual only for the affirmative harm he himself inflicts; it does not punish for.......
    Failing to prevent harm caused by others or by natural forces
  3. What common law calls the mental state or attitude necessary for the commission of a crime and also what does Model Penal Code call it?
    Mens Rea and Culpability
  4. Most crimes consist of an ___ and a ___. Both must occur together.
    Actus Reus and Mens Rea
  5. Movement of the human body that is, in some minimal sense, willed or directed by the actor is....
    Voluntary Act
  6. Usually a ___ is essential for criminal responsibility--even for strict liability crimes that do not require any mental state.
    Voluntary Act
  7. As long as there is at least one ___ in the defendant's course of conduct, he may be criminal responsible.
    Voluntary Act (if you at least do one voluntary act then all that follows can be criminal)
  8. ___ is not a valid defense
    A defense based on ignorance of the law
  9. Those obligations that, according to our basic sense of right and wrong, people should live up to are...
    Moral Duties
  10. How does the Model Penal Code define an act or action?
    A bodily movement whether voluntary or involuntary
  11. What are the material elements of actus reus under the Model Penal Code?
    Conduct, Circumstance, and Result
  12. The physical behavior of the defendant is...
  13. An objective fact or condition that exists in the real world when the defendant engages is conduct is...
  14. The consequences or outcome caused by the defendant's conduct is...
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