Basic Training Knowledge

  1. What is a Drill Seargeant referring to when he tells you to fix your snake?
    Your shoelace
  2. What is a TA-50?
    A series of field equipment inspected often by Drill Sergeants
  3. What is the shelf life of a typical MRE stored at a constant 70 degrees Fahrenheit?
    100 months
  4. What is the name of the bread in MREs that is considered a revolutionary invention because of its ability to stay fresh for long periods of time?
    Pouch bread
  5. What item is found in every MRE?
    Hot sauce
  6. When did MREs replace C-rations?
  7. Each MRE contains approximately how many calories?
  8. MREs must be capable of withstanding parachute drops from how many feet?
    1,250 feet
  9. How much does a single MRE cost your country?
  10. A Drill Sergeants hat is called a?
    Campaign hat
  11. Your Drill Sergeant tells you to pick up an AT-4. What is he talking about?
    An anti-tank missile
  12. Just before firing an AT-4, what should a soldier yell to make sure the weapon does not effect nearby soldiers?
    Back-blast area all clear!
  13. What is the Department of Defense's (DOD) health care program called?
  14. How would you write the date April 2, 2006 in the format of the military dating system?
    02 Apr. 06
  15. Singing while marching in the military is called what?
    A cadence
  16. The standard military issue weapon is a?
  17. Which of the following is not one of the four fundamentals of marksmanship?
    Index Locking
  18. Without investigating the cause of a stoppage or jam on your rifle, a recruit should apply what to try and rectify the problem?
  19. What is the weight of a standard M16/A2 rifle without a magazine or sling?
    7.78 pounds
  20. What is the maximum range of an M16/A2 rifle?
    3,600 meters
  21. What is the basic ammunition load in a magazine for the M16/A2 rifle?
    30 rounds
  22. What is the length of a standard M16/A2 rifle?
    39 5/8 inches
  23. In what year was the Geneva Convention regarding the treatment of civilians signed?
  24. How far is a "klick" in the military?
    1/2 a mile
  25. Fireguard refers to what?
    A duty that requires a recruit to take head count, guard other soldiers, and perform chores upon the Drill Sergeant's discretion
  26. The UCMJ refers to what?
    Law and regulations encompassing the military
  27. An Article 15 is what?
    A section of the UCMJ that provides for swift non-judicial punishment for minor offenses
  28. In the marching movement left face, the command left is known as the...
    Preparatory command
  29. In the marching movement left face, the command face is known as the...
    Command of execution
  30. What are the Geneva Conventions?
    Treaties that set the standards for international law for humanitarian concerns
  31. Where were the Geneva Conventions written?
    Geneva, Switzerland
  32. What does the color white represent in the American flag?
    Purity and innocence
  33. What is a guidon?
    A company, battery, or troop identification flag
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