bio etymology chapter 9

  1. transcription
    • trans- across
    • scribe/script- writing
    • transcription- the copying of info from DNA to RNA
  2. translation
    • trans- across
    • late- side
    • translation- the conversion of info from one form (nucleic acid sequence) to another (amino acid sequence)
  3. intron
    • inter- between
    • intron- noncoding segments that intervene between exons of mRNA
  4. exon
    • ex/exo- out or outside
    • exon- coding segments of mRNA
  5. bacteriophage (also called "phage")
    • phage- devour
    • bacteriophage- viruses that infect bacteria, named for their ability to destroy bacteria although they did not actually eat them
  6. lytic
    • lytic- dissolving or destroying
    • lytic viral infections destroy cells
  7. lysogenic
    • lyso- dissolving or destroying
    • genic- producing
    • lysogenic- viruses that can remain dormant in cells and may become lytic
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