ch 22 (cont)

  1. What port became the chief Dutch trading fortress in southeast Asia?
  2. explain how dutch and english participation in asian trade network changed by 17th century
    dutch relied on mainly the chrged fees for transporting goods.
  3. what 2 areas in which spain attempted to conquer in the Philippines and the results of those attempts to conquer
    • Luzon- easy, many kings
    • Mindanao-one king no conquered
  4. from what groups did roman catholic missionaries experience the most success in converting?
    untouchables, lowly poor peasant
  5. explain the strategy robert di nobili created to convert hindu elites
    learned several indian languages to read sacred texts, donned garments worn by indian brahmans and adopted a vegan diet
  6. who was the 1st emperor of the Ming dynasty
  7. what reforms were introduced by the ming dynasty?
    • abolished the position of chief minister
    • reinstated examination system
  8. what gave the peopling of the Yangtze region a large boost?
    importation of new food, such as maize, sweet potatoes, and peanuts
  9. where were europeans allowed to trade in china during the ming dynasty
    macao and canton
  10. what was the chief accomplishment of the ming era
    full development of the chinese novel
  11. what did emperor Yonglu launch that had no precedent in chinese history?
    series of expeditions led by Zhenghe
  12. who were the 3 military leaders that restores unity and internal peace in japan ( 16th century)
    Nobunaga, others dont matter.
  13. in what year was central authority reastablished in japan by the formation of the tokugawa shogunate
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