micro quiz ch 11 objectives 2,3,4

  1. What are the three components of DNA?
    The three components of DNA are a phsphate, a sugar (the 'deoxyriose' in DNA) and a nucleotide base.
  2. What are the differences between DNA and RNA (three major differences)
    • RNA contains the sugar 'ribose' rather than DNA's 'deoxyribose'
    • RNA contains the base 'uracil' instead of the base 'thymine' which pairs with adenine. So the RNA base pairs are uracil wth adenine, and cytosine with guanine.
    • RNA is usually found in a single-stranded form instead of a double-stranded form like DNA. (However, RNA can fold on itself and form areas that are double-stranded.)
  3. Define transcription
    • The process whereby RNA is made from DNA
    • Three steps: initiation, elongation, and termination
  4. Define translation
    Translation is the process by which a cell makes proteins by "reading" the information contained in its RNA
  5. Define induction
    Inductions turns on genes that are turned off
  6. Define repression
    Repression turns off genes that are turned on
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micro quiz ch 11 objectives 2,3,4
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