Lecture 4 – Micah, Nahum, and Zephaniah, Latter Prophets.txt

  1. List (in 1 sentence each) the key themes of Micah, Nahum, and Zephaniah.
    • Micah- What Does the Lord Require?
    • Nahum- Judah’s God is Assyria’s Judge
    • Zephaniah- The Great Day of the Lord is Near
  2. What book are these the key concepts of?
    1. God’s judgment of Israel by means of the nations
    2. God’s deliverance of Israel from the nations
    3. God’s rule of blessing vs. the human rule of oppression and confusion
    4. The way of blessing is faithfulness to God as expressed in social justice
  3. What book are these the key concepts of?
    1. God has been patient and merciful towards Assyria
    2. But patience has an end if it does not see lasting changes
    3. The patience is now at an end
    4. What a terrible thing to hear the Master of the Universe say, “I am against you”
  4. Recognize what these aspects say about the book of Nahum:
    1.These oracles are part of the total prophetic message
    2.Charge of people’s persistent covenant-breaking
    3.Announcement of judgment at the hands of pagan nations
    4. Announcement of salvation: God’s intent to restore His people from hands of the nations
    5.Announcement of judgment on the nations
    6.The coming of the nations to worship Israel’s God
    How Nahum functions as an oracle against a nation.
  5. What are these characteristics of?
    Intensely poetic language- graphic description, many figures of speech
    Nahum fits this pattern very well – graphic call to arms in chapter 2, woe oracle in chapter 3
    Though God may use the nations to discipline Israel, they are not exempt form His universal order
    Oracles against nations.
  6. What are these?
    1. An announcement of judgment
    2. A call for repentance
    3. Judgment on foreign nations
    4. The restoration of a righteous remnant
    The four main elements of Zephaniah’s “paradigm of pre-exilic prophecy.”
  7. What book are these the key concepts of?
    1. The terrible Day of the Lord
    2. The glorious Day of the Lord
    3. The necessity of repentance
    4. The Lord in your midst
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