Anatomy Cell Life cycle

  1. What is the cell life cycle?
    stages involving cell division, preparation for cell division, and normal cell function
  2. What is Interphase?
    grows, performs its normal cell function, and prepares for cell division
  3. Majority of the time, the cell is in what phase?
  4. What is G1 in Interphase?
    growth 1 - after a cell is created, it enters this stage and performs its specialized function
  5. What is S?
    synthesis (creating) - DNA is copied so there are 2 sets of chromosomes. Getting ready to start dividing
  6. What is G2?
    growth 2 - cell continues to grow and prepare for cell division
  7. What are the 3 stages of Interphase?
    • G1 (growth 1)
    • S (synthesis)
    • G2 (growth 2)
  8. What is the number one rule of the cell life cycle that the DNA has to do?
    the DNA has to always be in the nucleus
  9. What are the 3 reasons that Cell Division is needed?
    • 1. replace dead cells
    • 2. heal damaged tissue
    • 3. during growth or development
  10. What is Mitosis and how long does it take to complete?
    the division of the cell's nucleus described in 4 sages that may take about 2 hours to complete
  11. What are the 4 phases if Mitosis?
    Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telephase
  12. What is Prophase?
    nuclear envelope breaks down, DNA condenses from chromatin to chromosomes, mitotic spindle forms
  13. What is metaphase?
    mitotic spindle lines the chromosomes at the equatorial plate (straight line, right in the center)
  14. What is Anaphase?
    chromosomes strands 9sister chromatids) are pulled apart to opposite poles of the cell
  15. What is Telophase?
    the cell forms a cleavage furrow, nuclear envelopes begins to form and chromosomes return to chromatin. Telophase caves in and cuts off (splits in half)
  16. What is Cytokinesis?
    the division of the entire cell into two cells where the cytoplasm divides and organelles are seperated between the 2 new cells. Cyto means cell and kinesis means movement.
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