Anatomy Nucleus

  1. What is the Nucleus and what does it hold?
    brain of the cell that holds the instructions for life (genetic material).
  2. What is the nucleus filled with?
    jelly like substance called nucleoplasm in which the DNA and nucleolus is sustained
  3. What are the instructions for life (genetic material) that the nucleus holds?
    nuclear envelope, chromatin, chromosomes, and nucleoli
  4. What is the Nuclear envelope?
    a double membrane layer with pores that allow transport into and out of the nucleus
  5. What is chromatin?
    DNA strands loosely wrapped around histone protein
  6. What is chromosomes?
    DNA strands super coiled to form dense discrete structures seen during cell division that resemble an X. Chromosomes are tightly wound, non-ready, used in cell-division
  7. What is the difference between chromatin and Chromosomes?
    • Chromatin: DNA strands loosely wrapped around histoine protein
    • Chromosomes: tightly wound, non-ready, used in cell-division
  8. What condenses to form chromosomes?
  9. What is Nucleoli?
    region within the nucleus where ribosome production takes place (where ribisomes are made)
  10. What do DNA wrap around?
    histone proteins
  11. What are the 2 genetic materiels that the DNA is in?
    Chromatin and Chromosomes
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Anatomy Nucleus
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