Anatomy cytoplasm

  1. Where can I find the cytoplasm?
    inside the cell
  2. What is the cytoplasm?
    the area within the cell that contains organelles between the plasma membrane and boundary of the nucleus
  3. What is cytosol and where it is located?
    • a jelly like substance that fills the cell and suspends the organelles.
    • Location: between the nucleus and the cell membrane
  4. What are memory bound organelles?
    organelles enclosed by membranes
  5. Whast are the membrane bound organelles in the cytoplasm?
    Mitochondria, Endoplasmic Reticulum (Smooth & Rough ER), Golgi Apparatus, Lysosomes, and Peroxisomes
  6. What is Mitochondria?
    a double bound organelle responsable for producing energy for the cell in the form of ATP (the power house)
  7. What is Endoplasmic Reticulum?
    a single membrane folded over into different compartments, usually exists close to the nucleus (the assembly site)
  8. What are the 2 types of Endoplasmic Reticulum?
    Rough ER and Smooth ER
  9. What is Smooth ER?
    processes fats, toxins, hormones. There are no ribosomes on the surface.
  10. What is Rough ER?
    site of protein synthesis (creates protein) and has surface bound ribosomes
  11. What is the difference between Mitochondria and Endoplasmic Reticulum?
    • Mitochondria: a double bound organelle that produces energy
    • ER: a single membrane that is the assembly site (protein creater/synthesis)
  12. What is the difference between Smooth ER and Rough ER?
    • Smooth ER: has no ribosomes on the surface
    • Rough ER: has surface bound ribosomes
  13. What is Golgi Apparatus?
    stacked membranes that take in proteins & enclose them in vesicles (membrane sacks). Golgi is known as the packaging site (getting the proteins ready to be shipped out)
  14. What are Lysosomes?
    vesicles containing lytic/digestive enzymes that break down cell debri and foreign substances in the cell, like backteria (demolition crew/security). Lysosomes are the protectors, making sure everything is working like it is supposed to.
  15. What are Peroxisomes?
    vesicles like lysosomes but filled with enzymes that fight free radicals and break down poisons (neutralizers).
  16. What are non-membrane bound organelles?
    protein structures not surrounded by a membrane that performs a specific function
  17. What are the non-membrane bound organelles?
    Ribosome, cytoskeleton, Centrioles
  18. What are Ribosomes?
    protein units that specialize in protein production may be free floating or attach to Rough ER (assembly workers). Ribosomes are the employees.
  19. What is Cytoskeleton?
    thick and thin protein filaments that form a supportive mesh. Cyte means cell and Skeleton means structure.
  20. What organelle is the supportive pilars?
  21. What organelle is packeged in a vesicle to be shipped out?
    Golgi Apparatus
  22. What organelle is the energy generator?
  23. What organelle are the employees (workers=assembly line)?
  24. What organelle is the security?
    Lysosome & Peroxisomes
  25. What is the boss of the organelles?
  26. What is the wall that holds all the organelles?
    plasma membrane
  27. What organelle is the boxes office?
  28. What is the manager?
  29. What is the storage?
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