US History #1

  1. Captilism
    free market; private own company's that spend money on anything. (money)
  2. Democracy
    everybody has a voice in their government.
  3. South
    (lost) had a lot less people and since being farmers they has less machiner to make weapons.
  4. North
    (won) more people, better muchandise, weapons and were able to transfer murchandise and goods.
  5. How the growth of railroads contribuated to the Gildenage?
    • *able to transfer goods.
    • *from building the railroad it gave Rockfeller and Carnige LOTS of money.
  6. Rockfeller
  7. Carnige
  8. Horizontal
  9. Horizontal
  10. Horizontal
  11. Horizontal Intergration
    when big business (monoply) such as wallmart would have to buy out small business because the small business were going under and would have to sell to monople (WALMART), soon they would take over thewhole market.
  12. Vertical Intergration
    When McDonalds controls what the other business get, this includes; meat, cheese, buns etc. This would then led the other business to go under and would have close down or sell.
  13. Trust
    people who turn over there stock to compaines who then turn their stock over to a group of trustees who run them as a large corporation.
  14. Monopy
    Have total control over an industrie/production prices, quality, wages etc. Which leds them to usually buying out their competitors.
  15. Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1890)
    Requires the Us Government to investigte and purpose trust to companies and organizations who are suspected of the vilating the Act.
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