1. facio
    facere, feci, factus, do, make, perform
  2. Fama
    -ae, f., fame, report, reputation
  3. fatum
    -i, n.fate, destiny
  4. Fero
    ferre, tuli, latus, bear, endure, wear, report, say
  5. Ferrum
    -i, n., iron, sword
  6. Fessus
    -a, -um, tired, weary, feeble
  7. Finis
    -is, m., end, limit, border
  8. Flamma
    -ae., f., flame, fire
  9. Fluctus
    -us, m., wave, tide, flood
  10. For
    fari, fatus sum, speak, say, tell, utter
  11. Fors
    fortis, f., chance, fortune
  12. Fortuna
    -ae, f., fortune, chance, luck
  13. Fuga
    -ae, f., flight, haste, exile
  14. Fugio
    fugere, fugi, flee, escape
  15. Fundo
    fundere, fudi, fusus, pour, shed, slay, rout
  16. Furo
    ere, -ui, rage, rave
  17. Futurus
    -a, -um, future, destined to be, about to be
  18. Geminus
    -a, -um, twin, double, two
  19. Genitor
    -oris, m., begetter, father, sire
  20. Gens
    gentis, f., clan, race, nation
  21. Genus
    generis, n., birth, origin, race, family
  22. Habeo
    habere, habui, habitus, have, hold, consider
  23. Haud
    not, by no means, not at all
  24. Heu
    alas!, ah!, ah me!
  25. Hic
    here, there
  26. Hic, Haec
    this, that, he, she, it
  27. Hinc
    from this place, hence
  28. Honos
    honoris, m., honor, glory, reward, offering
  29. Huc
    to this place, hither, here
  30. Facies
    -ei, f. shape, face, appearance
  31. Fallo
    fallere, fefelli, falsum, deceive, cheat, beguile
  32. Fas
    (indecl. neuter noun), n., divine law, right
  33. Fas Est
    it is right
  34. Fax
    facis, f., torch, firebrand
  35. Ferus
    -a, -um, wild, uncultivated, savage
  36. Fides
    -ei, f., faith, confidence, reliability, pledge, trust
  37. Figo
    figere, fixi, fixum, fix, fasten, pierce
  38. Flumen
    -inis, n., river, stream
  39. Forma
    -ae, f., figure, shape, beauty
  40. Fortis
    -is, -e, brave, courageous, powerful, strong
  41. Funus
    -eris, n., funeral, burial, death
  42. Furor
    -oris, m., rage, madness, frenzy, fury
  43. Gemitus
    -us, m., groan, lamentation
  44. Gero
    gerere, gessi, gestum, bear, carry, wear, wage, manage, accomplish
  45. Gravis
    -is, -e, heavy, serious, grave
  46. Gurges
    -itis, m., whirlpool, vortex
  47. Haereo
    -ere, haesi, haesum, stick, be fixed, adhere
  48. Harena
    -ae, f., sand
  49. Heros
    -ois, m., hero
  50. Homo
    hominis, m., man, person
  51. Horreo
    -ere, horrui, shudder, bristle, shiver
  52. Hortor
    hortari, hortatus sum, urge, exhort, advise
  53. Hospes
    hospitis, m/f, guest, host, stranger
  54. Hostis
    -is, m/f, (public) enemy
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