1. what was the political philosophy of enlightenment thinkers?
    • didn't grant full religious freedom.
    • popular voice in government.
  2. population revolution?
  3. What does proindustrialzation refer to?
    people becoming full or part time producers of textiles and metal products, working at home.
  4. List the causes of the american revolution
    britatins atlantic colonies rebellion in 1775, no settling past the App.
  5. What happened in 17889 at the clsoe of fighting in America?
    United States won its freedom. 1789- set up a new constitutional structure
  6. What was the cause of the french revolution?
    There were 3 estates and the 3rd making up 97% of the populationw as taxed the most and had no power.
  7. What would the storming of the Bastille on July, 14th 1789 serve as for the revolution?
    the revolutions symbol
  8. List what the radical phase of the french revolution led to
    • Reign of terror
    • abolished the monarchy- the king was decapitated
  9. In what year did a europeans alliance crush the french empire?
    1814 and 1815
  10. explain how the french revolution and Napolean had an affect on the rest of europe
    encouraged popular nationalism outside of france and within french armies tore down local govt.
  11. Liberals
    focused on issues of political structure. Didn't want govt. to interfere in personal life
  12. What group would attack the idea of private property and capitalist exploitation of workers?
  13. what was the greek revolution of 1820?
    against the ottoman rule- a key step in gradually ismantling the ottoman empire in teh balkans.
  14. What was the result of the belgian revolution of 1830?
    produced a liberal regime and a newly independent nation
  15. Explain the significance of the reform bill of 1832
    gace the parliamentary vote to MOST middle class men
  16. what did louis pasteur's discovery of germs lead to in the 1880s?
    more sanitary regulatons and procedures by doctors, health specialists. Reduced prgnancy deaths
  17. what was nejamin diraeli responsible for in great britain in 1867?
    granting voting right to ALL working class men
  18. WHo managed to unite italy around 1858?
    Count Camillo di Cavour
  19. explain how Otoo con Bismarch united the german state in 1871
    also granted suffrage for all men, freedom of the press, promoted mass education, carved out germany with wars around it
  20. List the ways in which govt. functions expanded in the west following 1870
    • introduce civial service examination
    • extend regulator apparaties
    • hold hospitals to higher standards
    • wider welfare
    • school was for ages up to 12
  21. explain the political philosophy of Karl Marx
    • didn't like utopias
    • there were 2 groups and there were arguments over who would have more power ( capitalism)
    • socialist!
  22. Explain how charles darwins theory of evolution clashed with traditional christian beliefs
    • christians- god created human
    • him- people developed over time
  23. explain the concept of american exceptionlism
    we wer better than everyone elese/ different ethenticity. developed by ourselves
  24. list areas of western expansion in the 19th century
  25. canada, australia, and new zealand
  26. what did the colony of australia originate as in 1788 ?
    a penal colony. of convicts.
  27. what group did the british come into contact with the new zealand and eventually conquered
  28. members of the triple alliance
    germany, austria-hungary, italy
  29. members of the triple entente
    britain, russia, france
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