1. To make notations in margins; on medical correspondence, for example, indicates the action to be taken or reply to be made.
  2. A postal service that provides, for a fee, a receipt to the sender of first class mail and a record of delivery.
    Certified Mail:
  3. A business or procedure designed to facilitate delivery of written communications and parcels.
    Communication Service:
  4. Mail delivered in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
    Domestic Mail:
  5. A computerized system for sorting mail based on strict U.S. Postal envelope addressing standards.
    Electronic Mail Processing:
  6. A supplemental item inserted in a envelope with a written communication .
  7. An electronic process for transmitting written communications.
    Facsimile Mail:
  8. A semi-manual system of sorting mail.
    Letter Sorting Machine (LSM):
  9. A mail service determination based on content, weight, destination and speed of delivery.
    Mail Classification:
  10. A piece of electronic equipment designed to speed sorting and delivery of mail.
    Optical Character Reader (OCR):
  11. A book containing the rules and regulations that govern the postal service.
    Postal Manual:
  12. A first-class service that provides, for a fee, a record that mail has been sent and guarantees an indemnity if it is not received.
    Registered Mail:
  13. A national package delivery service.
    United Parcel Service (UPS):
  14. A system of numerical codes written on envelopes to facilitate the delivery of mail.
    Zone Improvement Plan:
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