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  1. human resource planning
    Process of analyzing and identifying the need for and availability of human resources so that the organization can meet its objectives.
  2. forecasting
    Using information from the past and the present to identify expected future conditions.
  3. psychological contract
    The unwritten expectations employees and employers have about the nature of their work relationships.
  4. performance
    ability x effort x support
  5. motivation
    The desire within a person causing that person to act.
  6. job satisfaction
    A positive emotional state resulting from evaluating one's job experiences.
  7. attitude survey
    A survey that focuses on employees' feelings and beliefs about their jobs and the organization.
  8. organizational commitment
    The degree to which employees believe in and accept organizational goals and desire to remain with the organization.
  9. turnover
    The process in which employees leave an organization and have to be replaced.
  10. involuntary turnover
    Termination for poor performance or work rule violations.
  11. voluntary turnover
    Employees leave by choice.
  12. functional turnover
    Lower-performing or disruptive employees leave.
  13. dysfunctional turnover
    Key individuals and high performers leave at critical times.
  14. uncontrollable turnover
    Employees leave for reasons outside the conrol of the employer.
  15. controllable turnover
    Employees leave for reasons that could be influenced by the employer.
  16. churn
    Hiring new workers while laying off others.
  17. exit interview
    An interview in which individuals who are leaving an organization are asked to give their reasons.
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