Vegetative Morphology 2

  1. acicular
  2. cordate
    Of the shape of the stylized heart, with the petiole attached between the basal lobes
  3. deltoid
    Of the shape of an equilateral triangle
  4. elliptic
    Oval, the ends rounded and widest at the middle
  5. falcate
  6. filiform
  7. hastate
    More or less arrowhead-shaped, but with the basal loves divergent
  8. lanceolate
    Lance-shaped, several times longer than wide; the sides curved, with the blade broadest below the middle
  9. linear
    Several times longer than wide, the sides more or less parallel
  10. lyrate
    With a series of pinnate lobes and a larger terminal lobe
  11. obcordate
    As in the cordate leaf, but the petiole attached at the point of the heart
  12. oblanceolate
    As in the lanceolate leaf, but the petiole attached at the narrow end
  13. oblong
    About two or three times longer than broad; rectangular with rounded corners
  14. obovate
    As in ovate, but the petiole attached at the narrow end
  15. orbicular (rotund)
    Circular or nearly so
  16. oval
    Broadly elliptic, the length less than twice the width
  17. ovate
    The shape of the longitudinal section through a chicken's egg, with the petiole attached at the broad end
  18. reniform
    Kidney-shaped or bean-shaped
  19. runcinate
    Coarsely-toothed, the teeth pointing toward the base of the leaf, as in the dandelion
  20. sagittate
  21. spatulate (spathulate)
  22. subulate
    Slender and tapering to a point, as in the awl, a tool used to make holes in leather
  23. ciliate
    With fine hairs on the margin
  24. crenate
    Scalloped, the teeth blunt
  25. dentate
    With coarse angular teeth directed outward at right angles to the margin
  26. denticulate
    Finely dentate
  27. doubly serrate (biserrate)
    With the serrations themselves serrate
  28. entire
    Not in any way indented, the margin featureless
  29. erose
    Gnawed, as if chewed upon
  30. fimbriate
    Fringed, the hairs coarser than in ciliate
  31. incised
    Deeply and sharply cut
  32. laciniate
    Slashed into narrow pointed segments
  33. revolute
    The margin rolled toward the lower side of the blade
  34. serrate
    With coarse saw-like teeth which point forward
  35. serrulate
    Finely serrate
  36. sinuate
    Wavy in and out, in the plane of the blade
  37. undulate (crisped)
    Wavy perpendicular to the plane of the blade
  38. parallel
    Several to many veins of about the same size (the midrib sometimes more conspicuous) and parallel to one another, as in many monocots
  39. pinnate
    Prominent midvein with a series of major veins arising at about 30-45º angles along its length
  40. net
    A complex venation pattern of major and minor veins which form a network or reticulum
  41. palmate
    The major veins radiating from a common point at the base of the blade, as in the maples
  42. arcuate
    An uncommon pattern in which the major veins curve gently upward
  43. acute
    Apex formed by two straight margins meeting at less than 90º
  44. acuminate
    An acute apex whose sides are concave and taper to an extended point
  45. apiculate
    Terminating in a short, sharp, flexible point
  46. aristate
    An abrupt, hard, bristle-like point (awn)
  47. attenuate
    The apex drawn out into a long gradual taper
  48. caudate
    The apex tail-like
  49. cuspidate
    A sharp-pointed tip formed by abruptly and sharply concave sides
  50. emarginate
    With a shallow notch at the apex
  51. mucronate
    With a hard, short, abrupt point (mucro)
  52. obtuse
    Apex formed by two lines which meet at more than a right angle
  53. rounded
    The apex gently curved
  54. spinose
    With a spine at the tip
  55. truncate
    The apex appearing chopped off
  56. auriculate
    With a pair of rounded lobes which somewhat resemble the human ear
  57. clasping
    The bases partly to completely surrounding the stem
  58. cuneate
  59. oblique
    Asymmetrical; unequal-sided
  60. perfoliate
    The condition of a sessile leaf when the base completely encircles the stem
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