Geography Chapter 4

  1. The study of population?
  2. The number of births per year for every 1,000 people?
  3. The number of deaths per year for every 1,000 people?
  4. The natural increase or______________ is the difference between an area's birthrate and deathrate?
    Growth rate
  5. The movement of people from place to place?
  6. Model uses birthrates and death rates to show changes in the population trends of a country or region?
    Domographic Transition
  7. The number of years it takes a population to double in size?
    Doubling time
  8. The pattern of human settlement?
    Population distribution
  9. Number of people living on a square mile or a square kilometer of land?
    Population density
  10. Movement of people into cities?
  11. What is the fastest growing city in the world?
    Mexico City
  12. The way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs?
  13. Organize the world's languages into languages familes?
  14. Is made up of people who share a common language, history, place of origin, or combination of these elements?
    Ethnic groups
  15. Includes countries that have certain traits in common?
    Culture region
  16. The process of spreading new knowledge from one culture to another?
    Cultural Diffusion
  17. Early centers of civilization who's ideas spread to surrounding areas?
    Cultural Hearths
  18. Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, China, and Mexico have what incommon?
    Geographic features
  19. Elements not made by people that are provided by Earth are?
    Natural resources
  20. Connot be used up or can be replaces naturally or grown again in short amount of time?
    Renewable resources
  21. These cannot be easily be replaced such as minerals & fossil fuels?
    Non-renewable resources
  22. Taking or using natural resources directly from Earth is?
    Primary Econmic Activities
  23. Uses raw materials to produce something new and move valueable?
    Secondary Econmic Activities
  24. Activities that provide services to people and businesses?
    Teritiary Econmic Activities
  25. Processing, management and distibution of information?
    Quarternary Econmic Activities
  26. This means they have been shifting from primarily agricultrual to primarily industrial?
    Develpoing countries
  27. The release of unclean or toxic elements into the air, water, or land?
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