1. Define PR
    managing relationships between a company and the publics that influence it
  2. Define Vox Populi
    voice of the people
  3. Define Rhetoric
    study of the public
  4. Define Propaganda
    communication used to influence the attitude of a public towards a certain position
  5. Define Corporation
    organizations that produce goods or services for a profit
  6. Define Non-Profit
    organization that provides a service without the expectation of earning a profit
  7. Define Trade Association
    organization that offers services without the primary motive of earning a profit
  8. Define PR Agency
    assists with PR activities of other organizations
  9. List the 5 elements of PR
    • Management function
    • Two-way communication
    • Planned activity
    • Research-based social science
    • Socially responsible
  10. List the 6 Categories of Careers
    • Agency
    • Corporation
    • Government
    • Non-Profit
    • Trade Association
    • Independent PR Consultant
  11. List the 4 step process of PR
    • Research
    • Plan
    • Communicate
    • Evaluate
  12. List 3 publicity stunts discussed in class
    • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
    • Miss America
    • DeBeers diamonds
    • Weinermobile
  13. What is the common denominator of the 5 elements of PR?
    relationship management
  14. What is the lowest paid region for PR in the US?
    the midwest
  15. Where was the Scopes Monkey Trial held?
    Dayton, TN
  16. What are characteristics for a corporation?
    • Focus: specific publics
    • Types of publics: employee, media, community, consumer, business-to-business, government, investor
    • Tasks: press releases, newsletters, brochures, special events, direct-mail campaigns
    • Types: manufacturers, retailers, sports organizations
  17. What are characteristics for a non-profit?
    • Donors instead of investors
    • Types: universities, hospitals, churches, foundations
  18. What are characteristics for a trade association?
    • Focus: members
    • Tasks: member benefits, insurance packages, continuing education, networking, conventions, recruiting
  19. What are characteristics for government PR?
    • Focus: voters, news media, employees, special interest groups
    • Tasks: constituent concerns, position papers and speeches, brief officials
    • Titles: press secretary, public information officer, communication specialist
  20. What are characteristics for agencies?
    • Focus: client/s at hand
    • Partners: ad agencies, web designers, production supervisors, researchers, online specialists
  21. What are characteristics for independent consultants?
    • Focus: client/s at hand
    • Can consult on a volunteer basis as well
  22. John 7:46
    "No one ever spoke like this man!" (Jesus)
  23. List some biblical parables
    • Moneylender forgives unequal debt
    • Lost sheep
    • Good Samaritan
  24. Where was the first news release produced?
    King's College (aka Columbia University)
  25. What event is considered the first American publicity stunt?
    Boston Tea Party
  26. Who was the first US presidential press secretary and who did he serve under?
    Amos Kendall under Pres. Jackson
  27. Who first coined the term PR?
    lawyer Dorman Eaton
  28. Who opened the first PR agency?
    William Wolf
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