Cell Organelle Functions

  1. What is the function of the nucleus?
    To control and regulate all processes within a cell.
  2. What is cytoplasm?
    A thick, clear, jelly-like substance containing organelles, water, and other life-supporting materials.
  3. Which organelles exist as the primary site of cellular respiration?
    The mitochondria
  4. In which organelle is DNA (hereditary material transferred through reproduction) stored?
    The nucleus
  5. What are the vacuoles?
    Organelles intended for storage of energy, water, and occasionally, waste.
  6. What is the purpose of a selectively permeable membrane?
    • To provide a barrier between the internal structure of the cell and the rest of the body
    • To regulate the flow of materials in and out of the cell
    • To provide support and protection
  7. What process is executed by the Golgi body?
    The organization and assembly of proteins into vesicles
  8. What are ribosomes?
    Small bodies responsible for the production of proteins
  9. The endoplasmic reticulum (E.R) serves as________________
    A network of membrane-covered channels which transport materials (particularly ribosomes) throughout the cell.
  10. What is the difference between a smooth E.R and a rough E.R?
    The smooth endoplasmic reticulum is not carrying ribosomes, wheras the rough endoplasmic reticulum is.
  11. What are the functions of the lysosome?
    To break down cell wastes and organelles which fail to serve their purposes within the cell.
  12. Which two cell components only exist in organisms of the plantae kingdom?
    • -Cell wall: A rigid structure surrounding the selectively permeable membrane employed mainly for protection
    • -Chloroplasts: Plastids containing clorophyll which are responsible for photosynthesis (the conversion of sunlight and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen)
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Cell Organelle Functions
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