1. What is the composition of ground substance?
    • Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)
    • Proteoglycans
    • Adhesive glycoproteins (chondronectin)
  2. Where does the growth of long bones occur?
    Epiphyseal plate
  3. What collagen type is found in hyaline cartilage?
    Collagen type II
  4. What collagen type is found in elastic cartilage?
    Hyaline cartilage (type II) + elastic fibers
  5. What cartilage type is found in fibrocartilage?
    Hyaline cartilage (type II) + collagen type I
  6. What cells produce collagen type II fibrils of hyaline cartilage?
  7. Binding of collagen type II to the ground substance occurs through...
    • Negative charges of the GAGs - electrostatic interactions
    • Chondronectin
  8. How do nutrients reach cartilage if it's avascular?
    The (-) charge of GAGs pulls nutrients in from the blood vessels of the perichondreum
  9. Activates chondrocytes
    • Somatotropin C (via Growth Hormone)
    • Thyroxine
    • Testosterone
  10. Inhibits chondrocytes
    • Cortisol
    • Cortisone
    • Estradiol
  11. Breaks down the protein core of proteoglycans and destroying the rigidity of hyaline cartilage
  12. The area surrounding the lacunar spaces of chondrocytes that's high in proteoglycans/GAGs
    Territorial matrix
  13. The area between chondrocytes that's high in collagen type II
    Interterritorial matrix
  14. The type of growth that occurs in articular cartilage and on the epiphyseal plate of long bones
    Interstitial growth
  15. The type of cartilage growth that occurs by forming isogenous groups
    Interstitial growth
  16. A ruptured IV disc is caused by rupture of which tissue?
    Annulus fibrous tissue ruptures allowing the nucleus pulposus to seep through
  17. Fibrocartilage is found in these 3 locations
    • IV discs
    • Symphysis pubis
    • Menisci of the knee joint
  18. Elastic cartilage is found in these 4 locations
    • Pinna of the ear
    • External and internal auditory tubules
    • Epiglottis
    • Larynx
  19. Perichondreum is not found in these two cartilage types
    • Fibrocartilage
    • Articular cartilage
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