1. You got a haircut, right?
    Me? Yes. This morning. Just a light trim. Amazing you noticed.
  2. What color is that suit?
    This? This is an off-color cream-beige, sort of a taupe antique eggshell.
  3. Really?
    So I guess you'll be going to the funeral?
  4. Don't tell me. McCarthy put him on the black-list?
    Hello, wardrobe? Who's this? Hannah? Listen, Hannah, this is Milt Fields, one of the writers. We're working on a sketch here and we need a dark suit, size forty regular. As soon as possible. Yes, yes. That's fine. No, I can't come downtown. We need it here in the writer's room. Would you, please? Take a taxi. God bless you, Hannah. I love you. Be right with you. Helen, Milt. Max is up in his office. I want you to call me in here the second he comes down. The exact minute you see his feet, you call me immediately. Someone's life, who we both love very much, depends on this. Okay? Lucas when she calls me, I'll rush into the men's room. I'll stay there until Hannah gets here, then you bring the suit to me in the john.
  5. Take off your jacket. Call wardrobe. Maybe they have a dark suit in your size.
    You telling me the truth about this, Val?
  6. Really? Since when did anyone here ever notice I was a woman.
    I knew the first day when you took your coat off. It took me a couple of hours, but I noticed.
  7. Siddown. Not over there. Im not talking over there.
    I want to be near the water so I can drink. I can hear you.
  8. Since he was a kid. No one told you about Max and white suits?
    It's a joke, right? Not necessarily the kind you laught at.
  9. If Max sees you in that suit, Tiffany's does some business today.
    Helen, could you get me wardrobe, please? No, now. I need an emergency dark suit. I'll hold.
  10. You don't seem too upset about it.
    In this room? I can't afford it. Funny is money. I tried to patch it up. I offered to take her on a second honeymoon. She said she didn't like the first one that much. Then she said, Ba-dum-bum. That's what really hurt.
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