1. The Sam System
    sympathetic part of autonomic nervous system is activated increasing hr, bp, and hormone levels.
  2. GAS
    general adaptation syndrom
  3. GAS phases
    alarm reaction, resistance, and the exhaustion phase
  4. Stress could lead to cancer becuase
    the immune system is surpressed by stress
  5. cognitive appraisal
    two steps: primary and secondary.
  6. emotion- focused coping
    changing ones perceptions of stressful situations
  7. problem focused coping
    deals directly with the situation or factors to ruduce or eliminate the problem.
  8. A canadian endocrinologist who researched stress
    hans seyle
  9. Our physical and psychological reactions to stressors depends on how we thing about each stressor
    cognitive appraisal
  10. what happens whenIncreasingly intense pattern of physical and psycological dysfunction in response to a continuos flow of stressors?
    burn out
  11. The physical responces to stressors including rapid breathing, increased hr, shakiness is know as
    fight or flight syndrome
  12. Researchers have found that people under stress are more likely than less stressedd people to have a poor..
    immune system
  13. Stressors produce a cariety of physicological responces that begin in the
    brain and spread throughout the body
  14. corticosteroids
    hormones are released by the adreanal cortex and play a central role in the bodys response to long term stressors
  15. Two ways to manage impact of stressors are
    problem and emotion focused methods
  16. Our body is most alert and sensitive in the
    resistance stage
  17. psychoneuroimmunology studies
    the interatction between stress on the one hand and immune, endocrine, and nercous system activity on the other.
  18. The term for anticipating stressful events and taking advance steps to avoid them is
    proactive coping
  19. Stress hormones include
    • adrenalin, norepinephrine, glucocoticoids.
    • not insulin
  20. Stressful life events
    are positively correlated with illness
  21. The level of stress created by a life event is determined by
    the extent to which the life event causes someone to adjust
  22. the cognitive appraisal refers to
    a perception or evaluation of the meaning of an event
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