history 9

  1. imperialism
    seizure of a country or territory by a stronger country, dominating their culture
  2. racism
    belief that one race is superior to others
  3. social darwinism
    belief that rich are superior to poor
  4. colony
    country or territory governed internally by a foreign power
  5. protectorate
    country or territory that has its own internal gov, under control of outside power
  6. sphere of influence
    outside power claims exclusive investment or trading priviledges
  7. economic imperialism
    independent but less-developed country controlled for buisness interests
  8. indirect control
    local government officials used to develop future leaders
  9. direct control
    foreign officials brought into rule, no self rule
  10. paternalism
    dominant country governs in parental way, by providing for needs but not giving them rights
  11. assimilation
    policy based on the idea that in time, the imperializees would adopt the imperializers culture
  12. geopolitics
    an interest in or taking of land for its strategic location or products. (military/trade)
  13. crimean war
    war in 1853 between Russians and Ottoman empire over Russia's desire for a warm-water port (geopolitical)
  14. sepoy
    Indian soldiers that support britain
  15. jewel in the crown
    refers to India being the most valuable british colony due to its raw materials and huge markets
  16. Raj
    time period from 1757-1947 when India was under control of british
  17. pacific rim
    countries that border the pacific ocean
  18. sepoy mutiny
    sepoy rebellion against british. fierce fighting. slaughter each other's armies. caused by british insensitivity to muslim + hindu customs. rifle cartridges greased with fat
  19. emilio aguinaldo
    philipino nationalist who fought against the u.s.
  20. annexation
    make part of
  21. queen liliuokalnal
    last queen of hawaii, removed by u.s. in late 1800s
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