Mythology Words

  1. Ambrosia
    A kind of fruit salad, from the name of the food eaten by the gods
  2. Arachnid
    The scientific name for spider. Word comes from myth "Arachne". Athena punishes her by making Arachne and her descendants weave forever.
  3. Atlas
    A book of maps. From Atlas, who was condemned to hold the sky on his shoulders.
  4. Atrophy
    The wasting away of the body or part of the body. From Atropos, the Fate, whose job it was to cut the thread of life.
  5. Cereal
    Breakfast food. From Ceres, the Roman Godess of grain.
  6. Chimerical
    Unreal;imaginary. From the Chimaera, who had head of a lion, body of goat, and tail of serpent.
  7. Chronicle
    A story or history. From Cronus, father time.
  8. Erotic
    Pertaining to sexual love. From Eros, god of love.
  9. Furious
    Very angry. From the furies, who punished people who murdered.
  10. Halcyon
    Calm and peaceful. From daughter of Aelous who killed herself when she learned her lover had drowned but they were turned into kingfishers.
  11. Harpy
    A scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman. From the birds that defiled the food of Phineus.
  12. Helium
    The name of an element. From the sun titan, Helios.
  13. Herculean
    Requiring great strength. From Hercules.
  14. Insomnia
    The inability to sleep. From Somnos, god of sleep.
  15. Iridescent
    Displaying many colors, like those of the rainbow. From Iris, goddess of the rainbow.
  16. Jovial
    Light-hearted and cheerful. From Jove (Zeus) in his "party" mood.
  17. Labrynth
    A maze. From the place where Theseus fought the minotaur.
  18. Lethal
    Deadly. From Lethe, one of the rivers of the underworld.
  19. Martial
    Warlike. From Mars, Roman god of war.
  20. Museum
    A place where objects of permanent value are kept. From Muses, the Greek godesses of inspiration.
  21. Panic
    Fright; from Pan, the goat-footed god who enjoyed scaring mortals.
  22. Psychology
    The study of the mind. From Psyche, who's Greek name means "soul".
  23. Siren
    A sound of an emergency vehicle or warning system. From the sirens of the Odyssey who lured sailers to death with their irresistible singing-bird woman.
  24. Tantalize
    To tempt or entice, from Tantalus, who was doomed to be close to water or food, but could never reach either.
  25. Vulcanologist
    One who studies volcanoes. From Roman god, Vulcan.
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