1. A few predator crewmemebers are authorized a copy of AFI 11-2MQ-1 V3
  2. Smoking is prohibited wihtin ___ ft of the GCS
  3. ___ fuel is defined as pre-briefed fuel amount needed to terminate an event and proceed with the remainder of the mission
  4. A ___ indicates operation procedures, techniques, etc., which could result in personal injury and/or loss of life if not carefully followed
  5. Comments, corrections, and questions regarding the TO 1Q-1 (M)B-1 Change 11, TO 1Q-1(M)B-34-1-1, or any phase of the fligh manual program, should be forwarded on AF Form___.
  6. The GDT recieves the___, processes the data, and routes it to the GCS for display on the PSO workstations, while the Ku-band system recieves the ___ and routes it to the GCS for processing and display.
    LOS downlink, Return Link
  7. The ___ aircraft has ___ ARC-210 antenna(s) and is secure voice (ARC-210) capable.
    MQ-1B Block 10 and 15, 2
  8. the engine killswitch is disabled above ___ knots of airspeed
  9. On___aircraft there are two MAP sensors, the second being a redundant sensor.
    MQ-1B Block 10 and 15
  10. when auto fule transer is on, fuel is drawn from the aft fuel tank until ___of fuel has ben burned, then the system will swith to the forward tank. Fuel is drawn from teh forward tank until ___ of fuel has been burned.
    8 pounds, 12 pounds
  11. Which auto iris setting automatically optimizes the dynamic range of the system to show maximum range of shades in a scene
    Local Area Processing (LAP)
  12. The ___ is the primary visual interface for monitering the aircraft geographic position.
    Tracker Display
  13. The active Operational Mission is displayed in what color on teh tracker display (when not highlighted for editing)?
  14. Ku-band telemetry is recorded by the___.
    Data Logger
  15. The normal operating temperature for the GCS is ___?
    78 F
  16. The___ is/are the primary interface between the PSO workstation and the equipment in the Ku-band SATCOM terminal vehicles.
  17. When NAV 1 is selected the system uses GPS data from?
  18. If any servo temp reaches the red range (over ___), that servo is no longer considered reliable and must be replaced.
    165 C
  19. In which of the following VITs can you find the Prop Svo Temp?
  20. Reference HDDwarnings: ET Low (Yellow) is at or below?
    1000 deg F
  21. In which VIT can you find MAP 3?
  22. When ___ mode is selected, moving the focus lever full forward or full aft activates the focus motor. Returning the lever back to the center position stops the focusing operation.
  23. The AN/AAS-52 conducts a gain based optimization based on two temperatures when a ___ is commanded.
    NUC Two Point
  24. ___ takes longer than ___ because the Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC) must be stabilized at two preset temperatures and two alignments are performed.
    NUC 2; NUC 1
  25. Target elevation is automaticaly determined by the manual input or ___.
  26. Failure to seperate each Emergency Mission waypoint by ___ NM will negate the recovery orbit and may result in loss of the aircraft should lost link occur.
  27. GCS software will automatically delete any mission during upload if it has less than ___ waypoints.
  28. If the flight sensor unit failes, the sstem will automatically selec teh ___. If this occurs, ___ to ensure the INS is providing a good attitude reference.
    LN100G, Cage the sensor ball
  29. The MCE will mute command link as soon as C-band up signal strengths are greater than 0% for more than ___ seconds.
  30. To enhance the probability fo a successful handover, a reapplication of the ___ is recommended.
    Rate Select
  31. If the RPM drops below ___ while in ___ Mode, that mode is terminated and ___ Mode is automatically enabled to allow the pilot to control the propeller pitch during engine failure.
    1000; Power; VPP
  32. Wha will Auto-Mux TX 1,2,VQ, and Enerdyne video source.
    Applying RL Rate Select or changing link type.
  33. Recomended descent profile is gear down, ___KIAS, and power as required to maintain engine temperatures
  34. Touching down in excess of ___ feet per minuet rate of descent may result in aircraft damage.
  35. When adjusting the boresight, all use ___ numbers for up and right, and ___ numbers for down and left.
    Posative; Negative
  36. In teh case of a GCS LOSS OF LINE POWER emergency, the UPS and bateries will power the PSO racks for approximately ____ without line power.
    18 minutes
  37. If primary and secondary airspeeds exceed a ___KIAS differential, ensure that the Airspeed or Pilot/Static Failure checklist is exectued prior to switching airspeed source.
  38. Servos have a high probability of failure after ___ at ___.
    10 minutes; 200 C
  39. When battery voltage drops below ___ volts, all electrical poer may be lost. Gear must be extended before system drops below ___ volts.
  40. A loss of coolant could be indicated by a large difference (greater than 50 degrees) between CHT and ___.
    Water Temperature
  41. Turbocharger failure is inidicated by excessive or inadiquate ___, or warning messages on teh HDD.
  42. When turned on both the LRD and Heater draw ___ amps
  43. The "Battery-leaking current" message appers when: Net battery current is greater than ___ amps. Crews should run the applicable ___ checklist.
    7; Alternator Failure
  44. CHT- tem high warning is recieved when CHT is above 230 F. If this message appears, cross-check CHT and coolant Temp and go to the ___checklist.
    Engine Overheat
  45. In MQ-1B Block 10 aircraft, Engine MAP 1 (or 2) pressure high message appears when MAP 1 (or 2) is above ___ in Hg. Reduce power and if warning does not clear within 30 seconds, go to ___ checklist.
    42; Turbocharger Failure
  46. In MQ-1B Block 10 aircraft, Engine MAP 1 (or 2) pressure low message appears when MAP 1 (or 2) is below ___ in Hg. Increase Throttle and if warning does not clear within 30 seconds, go to ___ checklist.
    7; Turbocharger Failure
  47. Deadband automatically turns on when __ mode is selected, and __ when another mode is selected.
    Position/ returnes to previous settings
  48. DTV ___ and ___ FOV have no focus control.
    ultrawide/ wide
  49. Software in the aircraft prefents arming fo the lasers if less than ___ knots of airspeed indicated.
  50. all target data distance use the following units:
    NM, KM, M, FT
  51. In the AN/AAS-52, the deadband modifier can be set from __ to __.
    0, 63
  52. ___Should be selected prior to initiating an AN/AAS-52 reset to prevent rapid gimbal movement when teh AN/AAS-52 is reset.
    Rate Mode
  53. The AAS-52 equipped with Boresight Enhancement (BE) capability can be calibrated at any temperature and altitude. Which of the following codes indicates that the MTS is BE compliant?
  54. If notn-LEP equipped personell are int eh area to be designated and unable to ensure teh absense of personell using image magnifying devices in the area to be designated. MTS minimum slant range or altitude will be ___?
    14,000 ft
  55. Laser Firing Indicator will display ___ (Low Power) for conditions where energy output is approx. 80%
  56. The effective slant range of the ROVER system is about ___ NM using an aircraft omni antenna, and over ___ NM using the aircraft directional antenna.
    20; 70
  57. Maximum wind for all aircraft operations is ___ and the maximum gust factor permitted is ___
    30 knots; 20 knots
  58. The AGM-114 requires an acceleration of ___Gs for ___ seconds to arm.
    10; 1.3
  59. All personel must remain clear of the RPA with hung ordinance for one hour after ___.
    last attempt to fire missile was made
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