D-Day modern tech.

  1. what country produced the most equipment for the invasion?
  2. The British focused on building specialized tanks called what?
    Hobarts Funnies
  3. What kind of things could these tanks do?
    the Sherman tanks could go on water and land
  4. Who was appointed as the Supreme commander of the D-day invasion?
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
  5. The first programmable computer was developed during WWII called what?
  6. Operation Titanic involved the Allied forces dropping dummies called what, to distract the Germans from the real troops
  7. What was the nickname for the gliding planes?
    flying coffin
  8. Why was Omaha beach the roughest place to land for American troops?
    many obstacles
  9. What is a Higgins Boat?
    a prewar swamp boat that transported troops along the Pacific
  10. What is a Rhinoferry?
    a boat that hauled equipment to land
  11. What is a DUKW or "ducks"?
    half boat half truck
  12. What was Pluto?
    pipeline under the ocean to supply oil to the French
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