COL&Vocab#5 E9H

  1. Hypocrite
    one who is insencere or deceitful
  2. Innate
    • existing from birth; inborn.
    • He has innate atheltic talents, that cannot be taught.
  3. Lethargic
    • sluggish, or languid.
    • Having too much to drink, he was very lethargic in the morning.
  4. Melancholy
    the saddening of spirits.
  5. Opaque
    not allowing the passage of light, not transparent; hard to understand
  6. Prolific
    • abundantly fruitful, marked by great productivity.
    • Stephen King is a prolific author.
  7. Reprove
    to scold or to rebuke for a misdeed, usually with kind intent.
  8. Symmetry
    balanced proportions
  9. Tranquil
    peaceful calm
  10. Venerate
    • to honor, to revere.
    • I venerate President Kennedy's memory.
  11. "Abandon all hope all ye who enter here."
    • From Dante's "The Divine Comedy"
    • inscription at the gates of hell.
  12. Ecumenism
    a movement promoting understanding among various religious groups
  13. John Calvin
    16th century French religious reformer
  14. Dante Alighieri
    13th-14th century italian autho, masterpiece is the "Divine Comedy"
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COL&Vocab#5 E9H
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