Latin Vocab 11-20

  1. Amateur
    person who follows a particular pursuit oas a pastime, rather than as a profession
  2. amiable
    liable;good-natrured;pleasant and aggreable
  3. amicable
    characterized by friendliness rather than antogonism;neighborly; not quarrelsome
  4. amity
    frienship; goodwill; friendly relations
  5. animus
    ill will (usually controlled)
  6. procrastinate
    put things off
  7. proficient
    well advanced in any subject or occupation
  8. prominent
    stading out
  9. proponent
    person who puts forth a proposal or argues in favor of something
  10. protract
    draw out
  11. precede
    go before
  12. persist
    continue in spit of oppostition; refuse to stop
  13. pertinent
    related; releveant
  14. perturb
    disturb thoroughly; make uneasy
  15. obstacle
    something standing in the way; hindrance; obstruction
  16. collusion
    secret aggrement for a fraudulant purpose
  17. congenital
    existing at birth; inborn; innate
  18. convene
    come together; meet; assemble
  19. correspond
    aggree; be in harmony; match
  20. cicumnavigate
    sail around
  21. circumscribe
    draw a line around
  22. circumvent
    go around; get the better of; bypass
  23. discrepancy
    disagreement; difference; inconsistency; variation
  24. dispassionate
    nott passiontat; calm; composed; impartial
  25. dissent
    feel differently; differ in opinion; disagree
  26. decadent
    growing wrose
  27. deciduous
    haveing leaves that fall down at the end of the growing season
  28. demolish
    pull or tear down; destroy
  29. despise
    look down on
  30. deviate
    turn aside; or down; stray; wander; digress
  31. DIS
    oppostie of differntly, apart, away
  32. DE
    down, down from, oppostite of
  33. CIRCUM
    around, round
  34. CON, CO, COL, COR
    together, with
  35. OB
    against, in the way, over
  36. PER
    through, to the end, thoroughly
  37. pre
  38. PRO
    forward, forth
  39. AM, AMOR
    love, liking, friendliness
  40. ANIM
    mind, will, spirit
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