chapter 16

  1. Rene Descartes
    a famous French mathematician, scientist and philosopher
  2. Rene Descartes
    Father of Modern Philosophy
  3. Rene Descartes
    "i think, therefore i am"
  4. Roger Bacon
    favored a system of Scientific Revolution
  5. what did the Renaissance encourage?
    curiosity, ivestigation, & discovery
  6. New Study of Nature
    scientists formed conclusions based on observations
  7. New Study of Nature
    new tools and instruments to observe and measure
  8. Copernicus
    helio-centric theory
  9. Kepler & Galileo
    proved Copernicus theory & invented the telescope
  10. Newton
    laws of motion and gravitation
  11. Versalius and Harvey
    Studied anatomy and circulation
  12. Scientific discoveries during this time?
    calculus, microscope, chemistry
  13. Improvements in technology
    • mapmaking
    • navigation- development of compass
    • new ships- traveled further, faster, and under greater variety of weather conditions
  14. commercial revolution
    • standardization of money encouraged international trade and banking
    • italy's coin= florin
  15. Balance of Trade
    to increase country's wealth; tariffs, subsidies
  16. role of colonies:
    NOT allowed to manufacture or import goods from other countries
  17. Africa brought Portugal:
    slaves, gold, ivory trade
  18. Dias and Vasco de Gama
    overseas trade route to india and east indies
  19. Christopher Columbus
    • Spain Explorer
    • landed at San Salvador
  20. Columbian Exchange
    american foods were introduced in Europe; spanish brough horses to americas; smallpox and other diseases
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