Romeo and Juliet Prologue and Act I.txt

  1. What two household are having a fued mentioned in the prologue?
    Capulet and Montague
  2. How are the Capulets and Montagues similar?
    They are in the same social position
  3. What has been going on between the Capulets and Montagues?
    They have been fueding for a long time
  4. What has recently happened between the two households?
    There is a new fight and two young lovers (Romeo and Juliet) are born and their fates have been decided
  5. What is going to happen to make the Capulets and Montagues make peace?
    The death of Romeo and Juliet
  6. How long is the play?
    2 hours
  7. In Act I scene i, who start the street brawl and how is it started?
    Sampson and Gregory Capulet bite their thumbs
  8. Who tries to break up the opening fight and who keeps it going?
    Benvolio tries to break it up, Tybalt keeps it going
  9. Why is the Prince unhappy with the two families?
    They have disrupted the streets of the town 3 times
  10. What Ultimatum does the Prince give old Capulet and old Montague?
    To make peace or their lives are at stake
  11. What was wrong with Romeo and what were 3 signs?
    He was depressed; three signs are sighing, crying by the trees, and locking himself in the dark.
  12. Why was Romeo upset?
    He was in love with Rosaline
  13. Who wants to marry Juliet?
  14. What are three resons Capulet doesn't want to marry off Juliet?
    She is too young, She is his last child, she could die during child birth
  15. How does Capulet plan to send the invitations to his party?
    The servingman will invite everyone
  16. What is the servingman's problem and who does he ask for help?
    He can't read and he asks Romeo
  17. Who will be at the party that appeals to Romeo?
  18. What was Benvolio's idea for Romeo at the party?
    To meet other girls
  19. How old is Juliet?
    Almost 14
  20. What does Lady Capulet want for Juliet to do at the party?
    check out Paris
  21. Why does Romeo not want to dance and what is Mercutio's response?
    he is depressed; Mercutio says to suck it up
  22. Why is Romeo worried about the party?
    He had a bad dream about the party and he thinks something bad will happen
  23. According to Mercutio, who is Queen Mab?
    the queen of dreaming;good dreams
  24. What dreams does Queen Mab Deliver to lovers?
    love and sex
  25. What dreams does Queen Mab Deliver to Courtiers?
    curtsying and money
  26. What dreams does Queen Mab Deliver to Lawyers?
  27. What dreams does Queen Mab Deliver to Ladies?
  28. What dreams does Queen Mab Deliver to Parsons?
    donations to church
  29. What dreams does Queen Mab Deliver to Soldiers?
    killing people
  30. What dreams does Queen Mab Deliver to Maids?
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