Psy 290

  1. Operational Definition
    Measurement of variables.

    defines variables and measurement: iv and dv

    ex: colored cards (list colors)/words recalled
  2. When a person unquestionably uses their own personal judgment or a single story about another person’s experience as a way to know the world
  3. When a person accepts anything learned from the news media, books, gov't authorities or religious figures
  4. Knowledge based on observations
  5. Describe, predict and determine causes of behavior
    Understand/Explain behavior
    Goals of Science
  6. Fundamental research questions about the nature of behavior
    Basic research
  7. A statement about something that may be true
  8. Individuals that take part in surveys?
  9. The help researchers understand the dynamics of a particular culture or organizational setting
  10. Organize and Explain a variety of spcific facts or descriptions of behavior
  11. Sometimes the most interesting discoveries in science are the result of this
  12. Principle of Belmont Report: the need for research to maximize benefits and minimize harmful effects of participation
  13. Opportunity to deal with issues of potential harmful effects of participation & explain true purpose of the study
  14. Instead of using deception, the Stanford Prison Experiment is an example of the type of alternative procedure
    Simulation Study
  15. Revised in 2002 & is known as the Ethics code
    Ethical Principles of Psychologists and code of Conduct
  16. Ethical Standard:

    tell participants about consequences of declining or withdrawing from a study
    Informed Consent
  17. Increase in the IV when there is an increase with the DV

    (hrs studied/gpa increase together)
    Positive linear Relationship
  18. Non-experimental Method:

    alternate explanations for a causal relationship b/t two variables exist because of this problem
    third-variable problem
  19. Eliminates influence of individual differences as alternative explanations for the results of an experiment
    Random Assignment
  20. this validity is challenged when the operational definition of a variable is inadequate
    Construct validity
  21. When a variable is measured using a reliable device, there is little of this
    Measurement Error
  22. Measurement Scale:
    A letter grade on a test
    Ordinal Scale
  23. a measure is not related to variables it should not be related to
    Discriminate validity
  24. Measurement scale that provides the most measurement information
    ratio scale
  25. Correlation of each item on a scale with every other item
    Cronbach's alpha
  26. Type of Validity:
    whether two or more groups of people differ on a measure in expected ways
    concurrent validity
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