Week 37

  1. confront
    come face to face with

    Why do we refuse to confront the unsavory problems of our times in a candid and incisive way?
  2. anitpathy
    dislike, distaste, hate

    Her antipathy towards men was based on rather nebulous events that she construed to prove that they were all perfidious.
  3. servile
    slavish, submissive

    He found his servile position a degrading one and could not accept ot with equanimity.
  4. volition
    willpower, choice

    He was a tenacious competitor, and at his own volition he placed his title in jeopardy on many occasions.
  5. sojourn
    temporary stay

    The expatriate decided to make his sojourn in France a permanent one in order to give up his nomadic way of life.
  6. austere
    simple, unadorned, hard

    Far from being ostentatious, she was considered the acme of fashion because of her austere manner of dress.
  7. felicitous

    On tht felicitous occasion the amount of money he spent was irrelevant
  8. halcyon
    peaceful, calm

    During the turbulent days of the war, they wished for the halcyon days of earlier times.
  9. superfluous
    excessive, surplus

    Because he was an itinerant worker, he ahd to disdain carrying superfluous equipment.
  10. tenable
    supportable. defendable

    When he found his sinecure was no longer tenable, he felt it a proitious time to resign.
  11. motivate
    inspire, stimulate, provoke

    Complacent people are difficult to motivate to altrustic actions.
  12. rationalize
    use or give a reason other than the real one

    It is pathetic the way some citizens rationalize their apathy during election years
  13. therapy
    healing or curing process

    In order to compleate the therapy, the doctor said a trip to a warm, dry climate was mandatory.
  14. nascent
    beginning to exist or develop

    His beard was in its nascent state, it would soon be a hirsute masterpiece.
  15. iconoclast
    image-breaker, attacker of beliefs

    The iconoclast was in favor of jettisoning one of the traditions that had become an intrisic part of his life.
  16. erudite
    very scholary

    The erudite man was more than merely bilingual; he spoke five languages.
  17. phobia
    persistent fear, strong dislike

    She could not countenance the sight of a leathal weapon; it was tantamount to a phobia with her.
  18. germane
    appropriate, in close relationship to

    Epithets are not germane when motivating a child to a task.
  19. vertigo

    I would never have the temerity to walk across the steel girders high up on a new building; an onset of vertigo wouls surely follow.
  20. conducive
    leading, helpful

    The bedlam in the study hall was not conducive to good work habits.
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