Family Law

  1. family law
    the body of law that defines relationships, rights and duties in the formation, existence, and dissolution of marriage and other family units
  2. common law
    judge -made law in absence of statutory or other controlling law
  3. interrogatories
    a written set of factual questions sent by one party to another before the trial begins
  4. bias

    an inclination or tendency to think and to act in a certain way. a danger of prejudgment
  5. conflict of interest
    divided loyalty that actually or potentially places a person at a disadvantage even though he or she is owed undivided loyalty
  6. holding
    the court's answer to a legal issue in an opinion
  7. primary authority
    any law that a court could rely on in reaching its conclusion
  8. secondary authority
    any non law that a court could rely on in reaching its conclusion
  9. legal treatise
    a book written by a private individual that provides an overview, summary, or commentary on a legal topic
  10. annotation
    a set of notes or commentaries on something. the most widely used annotations are those printed in American Law Reports
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