psych research

  1. Table
    a display of data in a matrix format
  2. graph
    a representation of data by spatial relationships in a diagram
  3. frequency distribution
    a graph that shows the number of scores that fall into specific bins,or divisions of the variable
  4. histogram
    a frequency distribution in which the frequencies are represented by contiguous bars
  5. frequency polygon
    a frequency distribution in which the frequencies are connected by straight lines
  6. normal curve
    a bell shaped cure described by a certain mathemeatical function
  7. skewed
    a distribution that is not symmetrical
  8. cumulative frequency distribution
    a frequency distribution that shows the number of scores that fall at or below a certain score
  9. scattergram
    a graph showing the responses of a number of individuals on two variables; visual display of correlational data
  10. median split
    a division of the subjects in a study into two groups of equal size on the basis of one of the variables
  11. line graph
    a graphical representation using lines to show relationships between quantitative variables
  12. bar graph
    graphical representation of categorical data in which the heights of separated bars, or columns, show the relationships between variables
  13. time-series graph
    a graph in which the abscissa (x-axis) represents time
  14. error bars
    in a graph, vertical lines that indicate plus or minus one standard deviation of the data or, less frequently, the standard error of the mean
  15. box-and-whisker plot
    a typeof graph based on median and percentiles rather than mean and standard deviation
  16. data reduction
    the process of transcribing data from individual data sheets to a summary form
  17. coding guide
    a record that specifies the variables of a study, the columns they occupy in the data file, and their possible values
  18. invalid data
    data points that fall outside the defined range for that variable of data
  19. missing data
    empty cells in a data matrix
  20. outliers
    dat points that are highly improbable, although not impossible
  21. missing data code
    a symbol, such as an asterisk, that is entered ina cell that has no data
  22. validity
    an indication of accuracy in terms of the extent to which a research conclusion corresponds with reality
  23. internal validity
    extent to which a study probides evidence of a cause-effect relationship between the independent and dependent variables
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