AT&T terms

  1. VID
    • Account Verbal Identification Process
    • A national, standardized process used to verify all customers who call into Consumer Care or Business Care/Enterprise Services. This policy covers consumer, sponsorship, corporate liability, business, direct, and indirect accounts. The purpose of this policy is to ensure we are speaking with an authorized account representative prior to providing any information or making any changes on the account.
  2. AER
    • Acknowledge, Empathize, Reassure
    • A technique used by Customer Care representatives to effectively deal with customers who are upset or frustrated. The representative lets the customer vent, without interrupting. Once the customer has released emotions, the representative can respond with statements that offer recognition of the problem, respect for the customer's feelings, and a satisfactory solution.
  3. ANS
    • Advanced Network Services
    • A group of hardware, software, signaling, and transport elements that go beyond normal call delivery and routing management to provide enhanced capabilities for cellular customers. ANS provides services such as Calling Number Identification, and Message Waiting Indicator, Private Numbering Plan, and Universal Number.
  4. AOP
    • authorized order placer
    • Identified by the customer as having the authority to place orders for attaching end-users to the company's foundation account.
  5. BAN
    • billing account number
    • A nine-digit designation that identifies a customer's account.
  6. BAE
    • Business Account Executive
    • The individual in charge of a commercial client account (as opposed to the accounts of individual consumers). Typically reports to an Area Business Sales Manager (ABSM).
  7. BAM
    • Business Account Manager
    • Front line sales professionals who are in charge of commercial client accounts (as opposed to the accounts of individual consumers). Typically reports to Small Business Sales Manager (SBSM).
  8. BEUC
    • Business End User Care
    • A specialized team of representatives in Greensboro, NC, set up to handle National Business Services End User (Tier 1) call volume. This support center provides a streamlined process, a more consistent customer experience, and reps with access to business systems, policies, and profiles.
  9. BMCC
    • Business Mobility Customer Care
    • Any AT&T Mobility department falling under the umbrella of customer care to include, but not limited to, Global Business Services and Small Business.
  10. BRM
    • Business Receivable Mangement
    • BRM handles collections for CRU BMG Flagged Corporate, Government, Consolidated Billing, One Source, Separate Equipment Invoicing, and Small Business accounts.
  11. CSR
    • cellular service request
    • An order number in the Local Application Supporting Entry and Reporting (Laser) system, the National Business Services customer profile manager, order processor, and internal/external reporting system for contracted business. A CSR number is used to update accounts and services that are associated to a foundation account number (FAN).
  12. Clarify
    A Cingular system that enables customer service representatives to document the entire life cycle of a customer call, including work performed after the customer hangs up. Clarify enables you to verify customers, identify and record customer issues, assist in the decision making for call resolution, and create a case or escalate an issue if necessary.
  13. COR
    • Company Owned Retail
    • A Cingular dedicated sales force (channel) focused on the thousands of stores and kiosks around the country. These sales and service locations are owned, operated, and staffed by Cingular and are equipped to handle customer needs including service activation, equipment upgrades and contract renewals, accessory sales, and feature sales.
  14. Compass
    A Cingular retail management system used for order processing, cash management, inventory control, billing system payment posting, reporting, and activations. It includes Point-of-Sale, Inventory Control, and Back Office.
  15. CRU
    • Corporate Responsibility User
    • A type of account in which financial responsibility rests with the Corporation or Customer named on the contract.
  16. CRU
    • corporate responsible user
    • The corporate responsible user (CRU) is a Mobility billing-related designation that is assigned to an individual who has to give permission to add features to a Business account.
  17. CAS
    • Customer Activation System
    • A group of components and systems used to establish accounts for new end users, including billing and customer profile data.
  18. Customer Rules
    • The Customer Rules!
    • * Take ownership and show we care.
    • * Be responsive and deliver.
    • * Do it right.
    • * Make it seamless.
    • * Meet our commitments.
  19. CSP
    • Customer Solutions Portal
    • Mobility term that was changed from Cingular Sales Portal
  20. EUC
    • end user credit
    • An option available to AWS Corporate Digital Advantage (CDA) business customers in which discount percentages for Next Generation customers change quarterly. Discount amounts may vary depending on each customer's monthly spending.
  21. ECPV
    • Enterprise Contract and Profile Viewer
    • BASE ECPV is a tool that launched concurrently with BASE ECPM on 11/14/2005. BASE ECPV is a web-based, view-only tool that allows users to view the information in BASE ECPM, but restricts their ability to create or modify contracts and profiles. BASE ECPV will be accessed via CSP. BASE ECPV will be replacing the following legacy look-up tools: ePM, Corporate Code Search Tool, Keyword Search and the KABC/Company Search Tool.
  22. ETS
    • enterprise technical support
    • Part of the Mobility Customer Maintenance Center (MCMC). ETS is a specialized, technical support team dedicated to handling the needs of Enterprise Mobility customers for voice and data services. ETS is committed to resolving, firsthand, all technical related issues ? the first time the trouble is reported. In the event a trouble ticket is required, the team engages all of the necessary AT&T teams and partners and manages the entire lifecycle of the problem until its resolved. ETS serves enterprise customers, including Public Safety, Federal, and State agencies. The team is highly trained in all Mobility technologies and applications (2G, 3G, In-Building, Secure Communications). They also manage outage and network maintenance release notifications for all "on boarded" Mobility customers. The goal of the team is to satisfy the customers by offering quick resolution and clear communication and by enabling them to maintain high levels of operation.
  23. FCR
    • First Call Resolution
    • The goal of solving customer problems during the first call, without requiring repeated followup calls or messages. Also called FCR or First Call Resolution. Also called OCR - One Call Resolution and OCR - One Contact Resolution.
  24. FAN
    • foundation account number
    • A numeric code that functions like a master account number and allows a company great flexibility in how it chooses to be billed. A company can choose to have sub-accounts, with all of its end-users billed individually, yet all the usage counts toward Aggregate Volume Discounts.
  25. FAN
    • Foundation Account Number Account
    • The account of a large company or enterprise, set up with certain preferences already in place.
  26. 4 Rs
    • Four Rs
    • The building blocks for Cingular success. All four are considered equally important.
    • * Rate of Penetration
    • * Revenue Intensity or Average Revenue per Subscriber (ARPU),
    • * Return on Operations or Operating Income, and
    • * Reputation.
  27. Ghost Call
    An unidentified call with no screen pop in Clarify CM, and therefore no ability to identify the caller, and no caller present on the line. These calls are not recorded into the Clarify CM system.
  28. GBS
    • Global Business Services
    • AT&T group that is responsible for handling interactions with businesses and corporations that have more than 100 employees.
  29. IRU
    • Individual Responsibility User
    • An end user who, although part of a business customer's account, pays the bill for the service used. May also be called a sponsorship employee.
  30. IVR
    • interactive voice response
    • An automated phone-answering system that invites the caller to select from a list of choices using the phone's touchtone keypad, or by using their voice. Also known as voice response unit (VRU). In Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP), the customer can use the IVR system to check the status of their port request, activate their ported number, and get their equipment fulfilled (except Indirect Agents, who must return to the location where the port was initiated).
  31. IMEI
    • International Mobile Equipment Identification
    • A 15-digit unique code used to identify the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)-enabled equipment, such as a mobile phone, laptop, or personal digital assistant (PDA), to a GSM network. When a device is switched on, this unique IMEI number is transmitted and checked against a database of blacklisted or greylisted devices in the network's equipment identity register (EIR). This EIR determines whether the device can log onto the network. On networks where auto-detection of device class is possible, the IMEI plays a role in identifying the range of services made available to the device.
  32. LNP
    • local number portability
    • Technology that allows subscribers to retain their dialable phone numbers when switching carriers within the same local exchange carrier (LEC) rate center. LNP employs the separation of mobile directory number (MDN) and mobile identification number (MIN) in time division multiple access (TDMA) and location routing number (LRN) routing in TDMA and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).
  33. LNP
    • Local Number Portability
    • Local Number Portability is the ability of a telephone customer in the U.S. to retain their local phone number if they switch to another local telephone service provider.
  34. M&P
    • Methods and Procedures
    • Written documents produced by the factories that define the specific methods and procedures, both manual and mechanized processes, used within their work center to order, provision, bill or maintain the product or project. It is the "how to" document and serves as the basis for training the personnel to perform their function.
  35. MIN
    • mobile identification number
    • A 10-digit 'non-dialable' number associated with a specific service provider and unique to each mobile station as a mobile station identifier (MSID). The MIN is programmed into the mobile station and is not a portable number. Along with the MIN, the electronic serial number (ESN) is used by switches and by billing services to identify the phone and its status.
  36. MTi
    • MTi Tool
    • The MTi Map Tool is a web-based application providing Cingular network and coverage information across the United States, Puerto Rico and USVI. In addition to network information this tool provides sales and payment location information. This tool can be accessed through CSP.
  37. NBO
    • National Business Ordering
    • (1) A group that performs activation and fulfillment for Corporate and National Business customers nationwide. (2) The system, also called NBO, designed to place orders, activate service, and deliver phones. It allows the same equipment and airtime order process to be used nationally for all business wireless customers.
  38. NBS
    • National Business Services
    • Part of the Global Business Services Organization. Consists of call centers supporting Telecom Managers (TCM) and Authorized Order Placers (AOP) of medium and large corporations.
  39. one and done
    First call resolution.
  40. One Call
    • One Call Resolution
    • A service goal that challenges Customer Care representatives to take care of the customer's problem in a single conversation. Also called First Call Resolution. It includes such tactics as: Own the problem - do not transfer the customer unless absolutely necessary. Take care of the customer on this call. Troubleshoot with them, even if they are calling from their cellular phone. Anticipate the customer's needs. Call out to the customer when necessary. Before asking the customer to call back, ask yourself if you did everything reasonable to help them on this call.
  41. OCR
    • one contact resolution
    • The goal of solving customer problems during the first call, without requiring repeated followup calls or messages. Also called FCR - First Call Resolution and OCR - One Call Resolution.
  42. pdue
    • past due
    • A shorthand term used when making notes in Clarify.
  43. Phoenix
    • Phoenix
    • A Cingular web-based program that is used by the National Business Ordering department to serve business customers when performing activations or account maintenance.
  44. port
    • porting
    • In Local Number Portability (LNP), the transfer of an existing telephone number to the service provider of the customer's choice.
  45. Premier
    A customizable extranet for Business Markets Group (BMG) Individual Responsibility User (IRU) and Corporate Responsibility User (CRU) customers to manage direct ordering, fulfillment, and account management needs.
  46. POC
    • Premier Online Care
    • Premier Online Care (POC) is an online tool for TCMs, AOPs, or anyone within an organization who manages wireless elements for a group of employees, a division, or an entire company.
  47. Premier Web Sites
    A customizable extranet for Business Market Group (BMG), Individual Responsibility User (IRU), and Corporate Responsibility User (CRU) customers to manage direct ordering, fulfillment, and account management needs.
  48. penetration
    • rate of penetration
    • The total number of subscribers for a carrier divided by the population it serves, expressed as a percentage.
  49. RCI
    • repeat call indicator
    • Section of the Clarify interaction screen that indicates the timeframe in which a customer last contacted AT&T
  50. SEI
    • Separate Equipment Invoice
    • A payment option for Business and Government customers who would like to receive a separate invoice to pay for equipment purchases, usually related to their Purchase Order.
  51. SB
    • Small Business
    • AT&T group that is responsible for handling interactions with businesses and corporations that have up to 99 employees.
  52. SBAS
    • Small Business Activation Support
    • Call centers assisting small business account key contacts, AOPs, owners, Day to Day, Decision Makers, end users and AT&T Mobility sales executives with: new orders, migrations, upgrades and accessory orders.
  53. SBEUC
    • Small Business End User Care
    • A specialized team of representatives set up to handle National Business Services End User (Tier 1) call volume. (Formerly BEUC)
  54. SBKC
    • Small Business Key Contacts
    • SBKC is a designated support organization handling single or multi-line transactional needs for Business Account Managers (BAM), Business Account Executives (BAE), Telecommunication Managers (TCM), Authorized Order Placers (AOP), and small business owners.
  55. TSD
    Technical Support Desk
  56. TCM
    • Telecom Manager
    • An account manager or administrator for an external business customer. TCMs manage the wireless accounts for their companies and serve as customer contacts with them. They have administrative access to change, modify, or delete their company's wireless accounts.
  57. Telegence CSM
    • Telegence Customer Service Management
    • A real-time, multi-product billing and customer care system used by Cingular to perform all credit and activation, customer care, and revenue management activities in the former SBC markets.
  58. UHV
    • Universal Home View
    • UHV is used via Clarify. The agents can see information on services the customer uses, such as cable, internet, home phone, even if these services are with another carrier. With that information the agent then attempts to sell the customer our services or upgrade to our services.
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