quiz #1 – therapeutic electrical stimulation

  1. what is therapeutic electrical stimulation
    passing current into tissue to promote healing, reduce pain, increase/maintain strength, reduce edema, decreased spasticity, improve motor control, past drugs
  2. define anode
    positive charged electrode, attracts anions
  3. define cathode
    negatively charged electrodes, attracts anions
  4. defined voltage
    potential difference of energy between electrodes, provided by battery or line voltage
  5. name the four items in this picture
    Image Upload 1
    Image Upload 2
  6. true or false – an example of direct current is a wall outlet
    false – battery
  7. true or false – an example of alternating current is a wall outlet
  8. Coulomb number
    6.24 X 10^18 of charged particlesAvogadro's number
  9. Ampere
    1 Coulomb of charge per second
  10. Volt
    energy needed to move 1 coulomb through 1 ohm of resistance (V=IR)
  11. What is direct current?
    • continues uninterrupted, in a unidirectional flow for atleast 1 sec
    • use for iontophoresis or stimulation of denervated muscles
  12. What is alternating current?
    • the current flow changes direction
    • 60 Hz/sec
  13. what can we conclude from this picture
    Image Upload 3
    The longer the pulse width the higher the average voltage
  14. what are the characteristics of this waveform
    Image Upload 4
    • rectangular
    • symmetrical
    • biphasic
    • pulsed current
    • AC current
  15. what are the characteristics of this waveform
    Image Upload 5
    • unbalanced
    • asymmetrical
    • biphasic
    • pulsed current
    • AC Current
  16. what is the name of this wave
    Image Upload 6
    • sinusoidal wave
    • AC current
  17. what is the name of this wave form
    Image Upload 7
    • high-voltage galvanic
    • DC
    • "one of the most comfortable wave forms"
  18. what are the units of measurement for frequency
    pulses per second – Hz
  19. What does the patient feel when the pulse duration is increased?
    It feels more intense to the patient even though it is the same voltage because there is more charge absorbed when there is a longer time period for the pulse
  20. When frequency increases what occurs?
    the same number of fibers are recruited, but a higher frequency makes them fire more rapidly
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