Chemistry Misc.

  1. What is the particle theory of matter?
    • All matter is made of atoms or molecules
    • Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space

  2. What does the amount of movement of atoms have to do with energy?
    • The more energy an atom has, the mor eit moves

  3. What temperature is absolute zero?
    • -273.16

  4. What is a molecule?
    • An element in stable configuration

  5. What is an element?
    • Element has only 1 type of atom
    • Cannot be broken down
    • Can exist as either atoms, or molecules

  6. What is a compound?
    • Atoms of two or more different elements

  7. How can a compound be broken down?
    • Chemically, not physically

  8. What is a mixture?

    Two or more different elements or compounds physically combined

  9. How can a mixture me broken down?

    By physically seperating each element or compound. E.g. Salt and sugar in a bowl
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