1. what are some problems associated w/ umbilical cord and placenta
    • prolapse of the umbilical cord
    • placenta previa
    • placenta abruption
  2. when umbilical cord is delivered down the pelvic/vagina before the fetus

    more common in breached births
    there for causing the fetus to compress the umbilical btwn itself and the pelvic wall
    prolapse of the umbilical cord
  3. when the placenta partially or completely covers up the cervical opening

    causing fetus to have problems getting through partial opening or completely preventing from getting through cervical opening
    placenta previa
  4. premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall

    usually will sent mom into labor
    most common cause is HTN
    placenta abruption
  5. what are the names of the medications in NALS
    • epinephrine
    • volume expanders
    • sodium bicarbonate
    • narcan
  6. inc hr, inc myocardial contractions, inc bloodflow to vital organs

    can be given down to ETT or IV every 3-5 min in CPR
  7. saline, blood products, both given to increase hypotension, very weak pulses, or pallard color
    volume expanders
  8. given for metabolic acidosis, any prolonged resp effect
    sodium bicarbonate
  9. reverse narcotics
  10. 12 medications used for PALS
    • epinephrine
    • vasopressin
    • glucose (dextrose)
    • sodium bicarbonate
    • calcium chloride
    • dopamine
    • dobutamine
    • norepinephrine aka levophed
    • sodium nitroprusside aka nipride
    • milrinone aka primacor
    • narcan
    • prostaglandin E1
  11. casoconstrictor, used for hypotension
  12. used for infants and really sick children bc they have limited stored of glycogen, they can become hypothermic very quickly
    glucose (dextrose)
  13. given for hypocalcemia and for high potassium level
    calcium chloride
  14. used for BP and helps to inhace cardiac outpout, helps heart to pump stronger, inc cardiac output
  15. inc contractility, inc hr
  16. vasoconstrictor, used for low BP, very potent vasoconstrictor
    norepinephrine aka levophed
  17. vasodilator, decreases BP
    sodium nitroprusside aka nipride
  18. inc force of contraction, used in situations of shock
    milrinone aka primacor
  19. helps to keep smooth muscle to stay open, used when pediatric pt have a congenital heart defect
    prostaglandine E1
  20. what are the medication that can be given down the ETT
    • litocain
    • epinephrine
    • atropine (used for bradycardia, inc hr)
    • narcan
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