Microscopic Anatomy Ch 1

  1. What is Microscopic Anatomy?
    study of tissues (histology)
  2. What is the difference between light & electron microscopy?
    • Light microscopes have less magnification
    • Light microscopes shows color and texture

    • Electron microscopes can magnify an image to show finer detail
    • Electron microscopes are flat and colorless
  3. What microscope has greater magnification power and are used to reveal more detail?
    Scanning & transmission electron microscopes
  4. How is human tissue prepared for microscopy?
    Tissues are processed before viewing First they are fixed (preserved), then sectioned (thinly sliced), then stained (color stains or metals added)
  5. What is scanning electron microscopy?
    uses electrons to scan the surface of a specimen with an electron beam & create a 3D picture.
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